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  • 05/25/15--12:58: Recent photos of the boys
  • Just because.

    How you doin?


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  • 05/26/15--11:18: Current feature
  • I'm so happy when something pops up on Netflix and it's exactly what I'm looking for.

    First Period is somewhat like a cross between Teen Witch and Girls Will Be Girls. The timing is nice, too, since the Girls Will Be Girls sequel is funded, but not out yet, and I'm tired of waiting.

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  • 05/27/15--05:45: Sickie update
  • I'm most of the way better now, but my throat's a little raw still. And I may have forgotten how to sleep and dream. I spent tons of time in bed yesterday, and because of that, was up until midnight or so. Between midnight and 4:00, I had a couple of extremely vivid dreams, but each one had these phases where I would dream a segment, wake up, fall back asleep, and go back to the segment. Over and over and over.

    I also had my coffee a few hours late yesterday. I wonder how much that contributed to the whole mess.

    I'll go get a throat culture if it's still raw tomorrow.

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  • 05/28/15--04:56: Anal Bead Chic
  • Anal Bead Chic

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    Striking a sexy pose with frogger414 at jameth's going-away party.


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    New light switch covers for the orange bathroom

    If the Flash Gordon one doesn't read orange enough once it's hanging next to the towels, I'll move it to my room and find something else.

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  • 05/29/15--09:30: SchadenFriday

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  • 05/29/15--12:08: Chicken and kimchi waffle
  • Chicken and kimchi waffle

    The recipe needs some work, but this is a good first try.

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  • 05/30/15--08:00: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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    I'm not sure if I own more than one cassette at this point. I might have a copy of Faith No More's first album, which I only recently discovered I could buy as an MP3 download. It was cassette-only for ages. It also would have been dumb for me to toss any Art of Noise, because they were hard to find in other formats as well. I'd check on their availability now, but I haven't even listened to FNM's new album or their first one since I downloaded them.

    The only cassette I've ever had that was irreplaceable was a mix tape my first boyfriend made for me. He's a fantastic DJ and it's actually mixed, not just one song after another. I couldn't possibly guess how many times I've listened to it. What I can say is when the last time was. 2004, as I was packing up my beloved apartment that I had to give up because I wasn't working and could no longer afford it. I had a Nickelodeon boombox that I'd gotten specifically to play it, and listened to it several times over while moving out of that place. Not sure if I kept that boombox much longer, but I don't remember using it after that.

    I was looking for something recently and came across the tape in a box in my office closet. I figured it was time to finally get the whole thing back in my library, so I found a USB cassette player on Amazon for $16. It's recording now.

    Snatching something from the hands of time

    This is actually version 2 of this tape. The original one broke, so I taped it together and made a copy. There's a gap in the music somewhere that I'll recognize when I listen. Obviously the quality here's not going to be great, but it'll still be wonderful to hear it again.

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  • 06/01/15--08:20: New curse
  • I get "Bad Reputation" stuck in my head every time I leave this bathroom now.

    New curse

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    Nosebleed seats for Bette Midler

    We got an email from my mother-in-law about six months ago, asking if we'd like to see Bette Midler. Who can say no to their mom? Not I. Going down to Seattle is a bit of a slog, and going to Key Arena is a lot of one. The seats are uncomfortable, and the air's too warm. But as soon as Bette Midler came out, it was all very worth it. Utterly iconic.

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  • 06/03/15--15:12: Sickie schmupdate
  • Yup, still sitting at about 95% better. Feel totally normal except for the blob that won't fully leave my lungs. So once in a while I cough, which makes my throat and head hurt. But really pretty normal otherwise. I've been off the yoga and swimming for a week and a half now, because I'm trying to avoid all that pesky extra breathing that comes with exercise. We're doing a quick road trip tomorrow, maybe some different air will be good.

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  • 06/04/15--07:25: Throwback Thursday, May 2006
  • Dad came to visit and I always loved an excuse to take people to the Space Needle. This was while I was forced to shave because of a work dress code policy. Never again.


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  • 06/05/15--08:00: SchadenFriday

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  • 06/06/15--07:25: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 06/07/15--11:47: Road trip!
  • We took Thursday and Friday off and Garrett planned an awesome "Reverse Cascade Loop" road trip for us.

    Our first stop was lunch in Leavenworth. It's a Bavarian-themed tourist spot and I've been wanting to visit ever since I moved to Washington state back in 1999. It was great to finally go.


    One of my big pet peeves is when people scramble in a place of business as it opens. Just be ready when it's time to be ready, ya know? But I discovered something in Leavenworth that bothers me more: not even bothering to scramble. We found a restaurant we wanted to try, and it had already been open for five minutes, but when we walked in, nobody came in from the back for several minutes. When the server finally emerged, he simply said, "We're not ready yet." I was like, should we leave? "You don't have to. Maybe come back in ten minutes." I'd be pissed if I owned that restaurant and knew that was going on. We would have waited if he said literally anything. Like maybe, "Sorry we're a little behind, why don't you grab a table and I can get you a beer or something." But he basically just stood there. Whatever. We found another restaurant. There's certainly no shortage of them there.

    They weren't producing at the time, but we got to see the Aplets and Cotlets factory and shop in their awesome store.


    We spent the night in Ellensburg, which is where Garrett went to college. I slept with my head right next to a very big air conditioner, and my lungs felt better that next morning than they have all week. Progress!

    Perfect shady spot at Sun Lake for a picnic.


    Shade provided by a very weird tree.


    Excellent viewpoint of the area off the road that leads down to it.


    The Grand Coulee Dam.


    The River Pines Inn, where we stayed in Winthrop.


    I didn't even know Washington has an "old west" themed town until we drove up. That was a cool surprise.


    Diablo Lake overlook:




    Our route home took us past the site of the deadly landslide in Oso. It's impossible to from pictures or on TV to really get a sense of the scale.


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  • 06/08/15--08:08: Ominous
  • Ominous

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  • 06/09/15--06:38: Keep plotting
  • 20150609_063553.jpg

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  • 06/10/15--15:36: Now that's a walk
  • This morning I felt ready to try a longer walk. Back before I worked from home, five miles was a typical day, and Sundays were usually more like 8-10 miles. It's been especially frustrating to get "fitness flashback" emails from MapMyRun showing what I did two years ago. I finally unsubscribed. Anyway, this morning it just felt right, so I went for it.

    As I got about halfway through today's route, which of course would be the furthest I'd get from home, it occurred to me that I should start carrying my bus pass. The initial part's easy, because it's mostly downhill, so if I got that far away and suddenly didn't want to walk back, it'd be nice to have an alternative. I suppose if it were an emergency, I could always grab an Uber, too. They recently launched here.

    It also occurred to me how interesting views are when they're a mix of historic homes and industrial complexes.


    I found a little park I'd never noticed before, Depot Park.

    Depot Park

    This route took me back through the Forgotten Creek Natural Area. I'd been through once before, only it was the other direction. It's quite a climb. And apparently a great place to change a 'pon.


    Pain was minimal. I didn't have to stop. It was a great walk.

    Today"s awesome walk, 3.53 miles in 1:11, 7,589 steps, 337 ft gain

    3.35 miles in an hour and 11 minutes. I included the graph at the bottom because I'm proud of the 337ft climb. Not sure when the app started counting steps, or whether it's an estimate or if it really measures each time the phone moves, but it says it was 7,589 steps. What a nice morning!

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