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    This platter is so ugly, I had to have it.

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  • 05/10/15--14:34: America!
  • Apparently wrestlers are superheroes now?


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  • 05/11/15--14:07: Zima corner update
  • This week I got a fourth light-up sign. Also pretty recently, a keychain for the remote. We have two Rainier signs and I'm trying to find a good keychain for their remote, but can only find two styles, which seems weird for such a popular brand.

    There's also a Zima mirror not far from the signs.

    Zima mirror

    I also snagged a lot of ten bottle-shaped metal signs. Not sure what to do with those. The possibilities are really endless.

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    It's funny how similar this looks to the new Capitol Hill buildings.
    There's even a great dive bar one block down the hill, and Everett's only
    gay bar is a block over. But I think this is all infill. Everett doesn't
    really have a cool neighborhood that's in danger or anything.

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  • 05/13/15--06:56: Good morning
  • Good morning

    My goal today was to get far enough to see the water, back pain be damned.

    Edit: Damn that back pain! A 2.3 mile walk should be nothing at all for me. I had to stop and sit down three times. The bad part about having to stop and sit is that there's not always a place to do it. I think I'll keep doing yoga videos specifically for the back, walking once each week to see if there's any progress. I want days where I walk to be at least four miles with no need to stop.

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    This was the second year in a row I celebrated by driving out to the West Mesa with friends to smash stuff. If it looks familiar, you probably saw the area many times on Breaking Bad. Click on any of them to go to the full set on flickr.




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  • 05/14/15--09:33: Today's the day
  • Sometime in late 2005, my mom found me a perfect set of aluminum tumblers. She died before Christmas, which was when I got them. I really love them and have drank my water out of them every day I've been at home since. I hate how much of the color has faded out due to using the dishwasher, but I kept using it because they're small enough that they're hard to clean by hand.

    It's been a daily ritual, reflecting on the few years leading up to her death. It was a very dark period for me, and I was rewarded for my personal recovery with a job I hated, bankruptcy, the end of a relationship, and my mom dying before I had a chance to see her again after avoiding my family as much as possible for three years. Every time I filled a tumbler up, every day, I told myself someday I'd be ready to quit punishing myself. Today's the day.

    The bottoms aren't heavy and flat enough, so they wobble on the ratty old end table down here in the basement. They don't even hold that much water. And I've been hoping lately that I can have them made into a kinetic sculpture so they can be reborn as part of our beautiful yard.  So here I am, after almost nine and a half years, running the ones that are dirty right now through the dishwasher one last time so they can all be put away until I figure out what's next for them. I've talked to one sculptor already and he's thinking about how to make it work.

    I'm ready to stop punishing myself. It's time.

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  • 05/14/15--16:05: New toys
  • A family friend is having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday, and invited me to stop by for a friends-and-family pre-sale visit yesterday. I ended up with these goodies.

    New toys

    I've had the Earring Magic Ken (AKA Cock Ring Magic Ken) before, but I didn't keep him in the box, and eventually gave him away as a gift. It's cool to have him again. I need to get a shelf for my bedroom wall and display all these with my drag queen doll.

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  • 05/15/15--04:24: SchadenFriday

  • Slow week. Add some in comments!

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  • 05/16/15--07:08: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 05/17/15--17:29: ZimaPanorama
  • I'd actually like to paint this wall blue and black to match the logo, but Garrett's not into the idea. :)

    ZimaPanorama lit

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  • 05/18/15--11:40: Driveway iris
  • We moved into the house on July 11 last year, so this first spring has been interesting. I'm never sure if stuff I see growing had already died by the time we arrived, or if I just didn't notice since it was all such a blur. This purple iris is a good example.

    Driveway iris

    I don't know if it was around last year or not. I also don't know how long it'll last. It's not supposed to droop like that, and a few of the flowers didn't quite open. Maybe I should prop it up. But I like it that way.

    Even if it doesn't last, there are a some more, including another purple one. Here's a reverse shot.

    Driveway iris

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  • 05/19/15--15:50: Speaking of irises
  • Check out this awesome painting my inlaws gave us!

    Speaking of irises

    I've coveted it ever since the first time I went to their house and made sure Bev knew I loved it. She's been changing things up over there and decided it was time to get rid of it. I'm so happy it's here.

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  • 05/19/15--17:55: Dinner
  • Rice, chicken samosas, cottage cheese, palak paneer.

    Rice, chicken, samosas, cottage cheese, palak paneer.

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  • 05/20/15--09:37: IrisWatch2015
  • It's looking even better!

    Iris watch

    Today's original plan was yoga in the morning and swimming this afternoon. The fog was too awesome, though, so I stepped out for a walk to the park and around some of the trails there. It was great, and I only stopped for one back pain break. I hope this fog lasts a while.

    Hope this lasts

    Edit: Fog's gone, and I ended up going for a swim after all.

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    I get up at 4:00. Usually the cats don't make a note of it, or once in a while, one of them will come visit me in my office. When Garrett gets up at 5:00, they typically go up to his room and take their spots on his bed, where they'll sleep for the next several hours.

    Lately, I've been keeping the door at the top of the stairs closed so I can hide out in the basement in peace. Otherwise, Sam will start bothering me for their wet food, which I don't like to give them any earlier than 10:30. It's been nice, because he's persistent. He'll sit on the loveseat arm right next to me and whine. A lot. For hours if I let him. It's better if I can just do my own thing down here for a while.

    Most of the house was a little off yesterday. I wanted to go right back to bed. Garrett slept in a bit. And Sam stayed on the couch for hours. Every time I passed by, I had to stop for a minute to make sure he was breathing. He got up eventually, and immediately started whining, so I led him upstairs and then jumped back through the door and closed it. Sucker.

    Today it's Steve's turn. He's sleeping right where Sam was yesterday instead of upstairs on Garrett's bed. I'll leave him be. I suppose if Sam wakes up and comes down, Steve won't be able to sleep through it. I could just close us both down here, but I don't really like to cut off access to the litter boxes, which are up there. I highly doubt anything would happen, but we all hate it when there's no restroom available, right?

    I'm curious why this spot on the couch is so popular all of a sudden. They've consistently shifted up to Garrett's bed as soon as they had the option each weekday for months now.

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  • 05/21/15--17:45: Rainier Beer remote
  • We’re turning our basement into a dive bar. It’s coming along nicely. A vine can’t show how great these two are, though. The one on the left slowly scrolls through colors which mimic a sunrise and sunset, and the one on the right has twinkling city lights along the bottom.

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  • 05/22/15--08:22: SchadenFriday
  • Another slow week from my sources. Contributions in the comments very welcome!

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  • 05/23/15--08:00: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 05/24/15--09:27: Blergh
  • There was a slight tickle in my throat on Friday and I hoped that after an evening out with our good friend Ana, I'd wake up fine. I really only get sick once a year or less, so I don't worry too much until it actually happens. Ana was spending the night, and we were up pretty late, so I woke up hung over as well as sick. Ended up spending a good portion of the day yesterday in bed.

    Getting sick on weekdays is a big deal for a lot of people. Even if they've got the sick time available, their situations at work force them into going in sick. I've been working at home exclusively for a year now, so I'd much rather be sick on a couple of weekdays and enjoy my time off. It's a bummer being sick right now, as we were supposed to head over for barbecue at Garrett's parents this afternoon. Plus, Value Village has a 50% off sale going on for card club members.

    At least I've got a couple of DVDs. I'm currently watching Cthulhu, the movie responsible for bringing Tori Spelling to Seattle that time she did karaoke at Bus Stop. I was right around the corner that night, at home doing nothing, and was so sad when found out I'd missed this a few days later.

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