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  • 10/06/16--11:24: Low light, high performance
  • Now that we're into October, the official hours over at Mukilteo Beach begin at 6:30am instead of 4:00. And that's fine, because it's so dark now, there's no reason to go there so early. So instead of starting there, I had a lap at the tank farm first. Today was mostly a chance to see how well the phone does in the dark, and I'm pretty impressed.



    Strangely enough, I didn't see much that jumped out at me today once the sun was out.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.12 miles in 1:43, 11,255 steps
    5.12 miles in 1:43, 11,255 steps

    One thing I don't like about not being able to go directly to Mukilteo beach is having to walk past the ferry terminal and train station twice. Not a big deal, just more chances of having to wait for traffic or deal with people. The things I specifically avoid.

    I noticed there was an option to export videos in Hyperlapse as 1080p, and used it, but I still don't think this phone makes the dashcam videos as nice as the old one did. Not sure what that's about. I noticed it takes a lot longer for Hyperlapse to process it, there might be a clue there. I guess the next step is

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  • 10/07/16--04:17: SchadenFriday

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  • 10/07/16--19:48: New ink
  • I'll post about today's walk tomorrow, but here's what I did this afternoon.


    Jimmy at Lion's Paw Tattoo is really awesome. He drew this directly on me, first as a layout with pale-colored sharpies, then with a pen to define the specific lines. He even re-did the tail partway through because he had a better idea for it. I'm so glad my friend Stephanie referred him and I'm looking forward to starting the shading on Halloween.

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  • 10/08/16--05:57: CATURDAY

  • RIP Simon, 2005-2016

    BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 10/08/16--09:15: Friday morning
  • Knowing that it's going to be dark and stay dark for a while is somewhat liberating. Rather than trying to time it so I see the sunrise, I can just resign myself to being out in the dark the whole time, and leave as soon as I want. That's not appropriate for every walking spot I go to, but the waterfront's one where it's totally fine.


    You can't tell in my photos, but it was a very windy morning. Made for lots of loud, strange Snapchat videos.


    Apparently they've got the power turned on at the yacht club.


    There may have been a bit of a sunrise to see if there wasn't so much cloud cover.


    A new thing in our county is people painting rocks and leaving them around for people to find. This is the second one I've seen.


    And here's the third. I brought this one home with me. There's a happy cat on this side and a grumpy one on the other side. I'll take good photos later.


    Yesterday"s awesome walk, 5.11 miles in 1:39, 10,997 steps
    5.11 miles in 1:39, 10,997 steps

    I didn't go quite as far as I normally do. A news van went by me as I got closer to main road and I was curious to see if they were really setting up or just pulling off the road. I think they did their broadcast from there based on the lighting I saw, but thankfully they didn't try to talk to me. I hate being on the news.

    Here's the video from the drive home. Best one so far with this phone.

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  • 10/09/16--14:30: Happy/Grumpy
  • I've tried a couple of times to upload today's photos to flickr and it hasn't worked yet. There are a couple there because of Instagram and I emailed the walk map in, but nothing else has shown up yet after two attempts. While I wait, here are both sides of that rock I found Friday.

    Painted rock I found Friday

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  • 10/09/16--19:09: Displaced
  • I was a little weirded out this morning as I drove into my normal Sunday spot, the Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island. There was a car behind me, and then up ahead, I saw two more. There's never anyone else on the road, at all. As I pulled in, I saw that there were tons of cars parking and people with flashlights and clipboards for some sort of event. I probably could have still walked there, but I go there for the solitude so there would have been no point at all. I got back in the car and left without asking anyone what was up, assuming I could figure out what the event was on the internet. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure that out. How the hell do hundreds of people drive up to an event without there being something about it you can find on Google? So weird. I could have just driven to one of my other spots, but since I won't be swimming this week, I'll use them all throughout this week, so it made the most sense to try something new. I looked on the map and found the next major park up north, Jennings Park in Marysville.

    I found the gates to the front entrance locked and couldn't find any info on the internet about when the park actually opened, so I drove to the nearest parking lot, intending to walk around the park until I could find an entrance. But I saw a sign stating the dentist office where I was would tow 24 hours a day and didn't feel like daring them to do it. I found another entrance to the park, also with locked gates, but thankfully by the time I got back to the main entrance, it was open.

    Jennings Park

    I had a hard time finding the park's trails until I finally realized they're on the map, but look like roads instead of trails. And I was bummed to find that even though the park is huge, most of it's conservation land and there are very few trails.

    Jennings Park

    One of the longer stretches of trail runs behind the houses surrounding the park. It's pretty, but I wouldn't want to live with a park just over my fence. Unless it was Lord Hill Park. But this is no Lord Hill Park, and these houses are much smaller than the ones out there.

    Jennings Park
    Jennings Park

    Because the park's not very big, I had to leave and walk a complete loop around it. Hopefully nobody thought I was taking a photo of the house this web was in front of.

    Jennings Park

    One of my pet peeves.

    Jennings Park

    Back in the park again, I completed the rest of the trails.

    Jennings Park
    Jennings Park

    This photo I took upside-down by the fishing pond is one of my favorites that I've taken.

    Jennings Park

    I covet the park's rooster statue.

    Jennings Park

    Today"s awesome walk, 4.13 miles in 1:29, 9,467 steps
    4.13 miles in 1:29, 9,467 steps

    That park's ok. I can't imagine I'll go back, though. It's pretty far away, as you can see from the video of the drive back. And since I spent as much time walking on streets as I did on trails, it's just not worth it. I went out of my way to drive above the riverfront to try to see what was going on down there, but couldn't get a good glimpse.

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  • 10/10/16--16:12: A Sunday on a Monday
  • Since I wasn't happy about missing out on my normal Sunday spot yesterday, and can't go swimming for the time being, I headed out there today instead. I got there quite early, and it was very dark.


    Of course, there was more light in some areas than others. When you're close to where I started, there's the water treatment plant, then when you move on, there are parts where you see city lights off in the distance. Varying amounts of cloud cover make for varying levels of light.


    I walked the paved path, and it was far too dark to cross over to the island when I got there, so I doubled back on the paved path, and then turned around and did it a third time. That killed enough time. It's really easy to walk the paved path when it's dark without worrying about slipping or tripping on anything, or stepping on any slugs, but you need to be able to see when you're off the pavement.


    The water was really low again today.


    I often think about death when I'm walking this stretch of path. That's Everett's only major hospital off in the distance, so I always think about the fact that any major illnesses or deaths in my family stand a good chance of happening there. Thankfully they're still with us, but we've already spent time at the hospital during scares with Garrett's dad and grandmother. Not that I'm being overly morbid or death obsessed, it's just something that happens when I see the place. One weird aspect of life in a small city.


    On the last stretch of the walk, I decided I'd do a couple of comparison shots with the regular lens and the wide-angle one.



    Today"s awesome walk, 7.25 miles in 2:13, 15,137 steps
    7.25 miles in 2:13, 15,137 steps

    I was a bit surprised to see by the time I got back to the car that I'd already gone over seven miles! It's been a long time since I went as far on a weekday morning, and don't even have too many Sunday ones that long these days. Turns out when it's pitch black out, I can go really fast and cover a lot of ground.

    One of the reasons I decided to go ahead and go to the island today in spite of my reservation about the highway merge with traffic on the way back was that I found an alternate route yesterday on my way back from Marysville. By going a little further North, I can double back and enter using my very own lane! No merging, no problems. Another cool thing, when I was confirming this route on the map, I found another park. I couldn't find much info, and its trails don't show up on the map, but judging by the satellite view, it looks like you can walk .9 miles out, for nearly two miles out and back. I drove to the parking area today, but someone was already parked there and I'd already enjoyed so much solitude, plus it was getting late. I'll probably walk it on my way home this Sunday.

    I'm looking forward to it. There was a heron right there by the parking lot when I turned around. I don't generally see them by where people are parking.

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  • 10/11/16--11:57: In the dark, but not alone
  • I waited as long as I could stand to, but it was still pitch black when I started my climb at Japanese Gulch today. That's to be expected for quite a while now, as it'll stay dark later and later until Daylight Saving Time ends in five or so weeks, then the process begins again until the solstice on December 21. I can deal, though. Following the railroad tracks up is easy no matter how dark it's been when I've been there, because the gravel alongside it is consistent. Well-maintained. Tracks have to be. Trails don't. Sometimes I think about carrying a flashlight but it seems like it's easier to just let my eyes dilate fully. I think I'll get a small one to keep in my bag, though, because if there were some sort of emergency I might need to be able to see better.

    I was surprised on my way up to see someone heading down on the center trail below me using a flashlight. It may have even been a headlamp judging by the look of it. Last year I used to see someone who jogged up wearing one, and it may well be the same person. Just after that, when I got to the point where the tracks and the trail converge, I looked back out of habit and saw that someone was coming up on a bike. Turns out it was a guy I've been seeing a lot lately, usually as I'm heading back down. He's clearly on his way to work and has to go at the same time, so I saw him earlier on my walk because I left later.

    The light arrived as I did my two passes on the access road at the top that I like. I love how the trees lean in so much because of the wide-angle lens.


    There's a strange little utility box rusting away on a pole at the end of that road. The light today was perfect for a good photo of it.


    On my way down, I had a hard time getting good photos of the trees. The light was beautiful, but didn't really translate too well on the screen. But maybe I should have hit the shutter anyway, as I thought this one was going to turn out much different than it did.


    Today"s awesome walk, 4.1 miles in 1:24, 9,104 steps, 404ft gain
    4.1 miles in 1:24, 9,104 steps, 404ft gain

    It almost feels pointless to post the map when I do this route since I've done it so many times. But I'm a completist that way.

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  • 10/12/16--12:54: Movie cliche
  • The danger in a situation such as a car chase is exaggerated by the presence of nuns, either walking as a group or traveling in a bus.

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  • 10/12/16--13:11: Autumn by lamplight
  • Setting out again in the dark at the waterfront I realized that it's one place where I still get to see most of the stuff pretty well since it's so well-lit. So I decided to get as many photos of the trees that were lit up as I could.



    Thankfully dawn didn't take too long to creep in.


    Even though there was a little light, I'd already decided I'd cut out the street portion again. It goes by a couple of scenic parking areas where I've seen some strange things before, so I don't mind cutting that portion out for safety. The rest of the waterfront is a wonderful place to be no matter how early I go. Anyway, this cracked me up.


    I never noticed how visually pleasing the boat launch is.


    There are still some nice flowers even with the recent temperature drop.


    The clouds were wispy but I still saw a pretty decent sunrise.


    Even though there was a lot of tree to see in the dark, it's still nicer to really see them.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.45 miles in 1:49, 11,944 steps
    5.45 miles in 1:49, 11,944 steps

    Part of me wished I waited for an afternoon walk today even though I always say I don't like them as much. I suppose if I do them in winter there at least won't be any school-age kids around. Unless they're skipping school and I find their hideouts. Ha. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't plan that today, because the water heater that feeds the heated floors in the dining room and master bath, isn't. A plumber will be by between 2:00 and 5:00 to have a look.

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  • 10/13/16--19:05: I'm a winner
  • I like to think that if the Honey Bucket Selfie contest was subjective, I would have been the clear winner. But they put everyone who entered into a bucket and drew a name. Someone else got the grand prize, but I was one of the 100 prize package winners, and it arrived today. I got a beer coozie, a toilet-shaped coffee mug, and some stickers, one of which is on my laptop already! I don't think I'll drink out of the mug because it doesn't hold much, but maybe an air plant will end up there soon.

    My prizes from the Honey Bucket selfie contest came! Beer coozie and toilet mug :D

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  • 10/14/16--09:06: SchadenFriday

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  • 10/15/16--06:32: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 10/16/16--13:30: Catchemups
  • Skipping the pool while my tattoo heals has been weird. When Thursday rolled around, I totally forgot that's my normal day at the tank farm and went over to Lowell instead. It was quite dark, but I still took my normal photo of the progress of the construction in the riverside development.


    And of course, the other spot where I always stop.


    Yesterday"s awesome walk, 4.47 miles in 1:25, 9,498 steps
    4.47 miles in 1:25, 9,498 steps

    It was surprising to read that they're setting aside the area West of the Northernmost part of that route as future retail. There's so much empty retail in Everett right now. I suppose there are a lot of retailers who would only consider moving into new buildings, though. Even so, there's some existing retail that should probably be torn down, specifically the gigantic K-Mart that's been empty for a couple of years now. I still haven't thought of a good business to move in there that we don't already have within a few miles.

    Friday became the day to go to the tank farm, and again, it was quite dark.


    Today"s awesome walk, 4.32 miles in 1:32, 9,820 steps
    4.32 miles in 1:32, 9,820 steps

    This week has seen some annoying house-related issues. The first was that the heated floors upstairs didn't come on when the weather turned cold. Certainly not an emergency, but they're nice, and they're the only heat source in the dining room/kitchen and the master bath suite. Garrett's office is part of that suite, so it'd be pretty annoying for him if it wasn't fixed. I made the mistake of calling one of the more well-known plumbing services in the region, thinking they were successful because they do good work. The technician's diagnosis was completely wrong. He said the gas control on the water heater would need to be replaced, for about $2,000, but since it's an older unit, it'd be better to replace it completely with a new one, with circulators, for over $6,000, but that it would be best to replace it with a high-efficiency one for over $10,000.

    Obviously I would be getting a second opinion. I found a small family business that got good reviews and the guy diagnosed the issue with me over the phone. The gas control wasn't broken, it was displaying an error message which indicated the igniter needed replacing. He came over promptly the next day and fixed it for less than the first company charged me for the bad diagnosis. Plus the first company told me they'd arrive between 2 and 5pm, but didn't arrive until almost 7pm. I've contacted their customer relations manager and asked for my money back, hopefully I'll hear from him tomorrow. The boys are very happy the floors are back on.

    Yes, the heated floors have been turned on. Why do you ask?

    Just before the good water heater tech left, the police walked up the driveway to let me know there were intruders in the empty house next door, but they were gone by the time they got there, and that the side door isn't secure. I confirmed this, the deadbolt's gone and anyone can just push the door open. I got on Zillow and sent a message to the agent who is listed as the foreclosure agent, and asked him to come secure the property. He didn't answer right away, but he subscribed me to his email list. Then he texted me asking if I was interested in buying a house. I replied reminding him that my message was about the property needing to be secured, then while I was cooking lunch yesterday, someone from his office left me a voice mail saying I should contact whichever agent is on the sign in front. Well, there's no sign, because it's a foreclosure. Some of the sites indicate there's a pending offer, so maybe it won't matter soon.

    This morning I didn't want to get out too early, because after my normal trip to Langus Riverfront Park, I wanted to check out Union Slough Park. That one has gates so getting there too early--or even right on time--isn't an option. Today was the first time I ever saw two other vehicles where I park, and I saw them get out and walk with dogs, but I never encountered them or anyone else the whole time I was there.


    These trees look like they're leaning because of the wide-angle lens. The ones in the lower photo are actually leaning, possibly due to last night's storm, which thankfully wasn't the huge storm they predicted it would become.


    It took me until today to realize it might be permissible to walk here. There's no sign saying not to, at least. I wouldn't want to walk there during hunting season since it's directly across from the hunting area and in the line of fire, but it might be nice the rest of the year. After I finish this, I'll email to ask if it's part of the trail system.


    I briefly saw the moon and barely got this photo before it was swallowed up by clouds.


    On all of the bushes all along the river, I only saw one flower.


    Here's a glimpse of sky I saw before it got really cold, wet, and windy.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.27 miles in 1:40, 11,223 steps
    5.27 miles in 1:40, 11,223 steps

    I stayed off the island since it'd been raining for two days and I knew I'd get really wet if I did. I don't mind getting a little wet but I prefer it to be at the end of the walk. Good thing, since the trail over at Union Slough is grassy.


    It was a nice place, but the proximity to the highway makes it loud. Thank goodness for earbuds.


    It's a nice place, but I won't go every week or anything.


    Today"s awesome bonus walk, 2.15 miles in 46 minutes, 4,950 steps
    2.15 miles in 46 minutes, 4,950 steps

    I got the mail as I drove out of the neighborhood, and I'm happy to report that these beer coozies and shirt I ordered a while back arrived. The sale benefits Girls Rock Camp Gainesville.

    Awesome shirt and coozies, the sale benefits Girls Rock Camp Gainesville.

    Tomorrow's a busy work day so I think I'll either walk in the afternoon so I can see stuff, or stay in and do yoga.

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  • 10/17/16--10:17: Article 0
  • 1. Are you named after someone? No. My name is terribly common for guys my age, though, so there were probably a few people in the name inspiration pool. I was originally supposed to be Michael James, but someone in the family beat my mom to it. Oh yeah, my middle name is my uncle's middle name.
    2. When is the last time you cried? Yesterday? I dunno. It's been a long time since I cried much, but I can get teary pretty frequently.
    3. Do you like your handwriting? No
    4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Honey ham
    5. Do you have kids? Nooooooooo
    6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I dunno. I'm pretty awesome but it's impossible to say what it'd be like to know me.
    7. Do you use sarcasm? Yes, but not nearly as much as I used to.
    8. Do you still have your tonsils? Unfortunately, yes. I really hoped when I saw a doctor about my snoring that they'd suggest taking them out, but he said that rarely helps. I hate my tonsils so much.
    9. Would you bungee jump? Yes
    10. What is your favorite cereal? Cracklin' Oat Bran, but I never eat cereal any more.
    11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? My regular shoes stay tied, but the shoes that I wear to walk need to be untied to take them off.
    12. Do you think you are a strong person? Yes
    13. What is your favorite ice cream? Haagen Dazs Coffee and Baskin Robbins Rum Raisin
    14. What is the first thing you notice about people? I don't have a specific first thing for all people
    15. Red or Pink? I don't like red objects or clothes, so I guess pink.
    16. What is the least favorite thing you like about yourself? That's a weird question.
    17. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Black shorts, barefoot
    18. What was the last thing you ate? Banana
    19. What are you listening to right now? Commercials during Bar Rescue because I'm typing when I should be fast forwarding
    20. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Orange or safety green
    21. Favorite smell? Thai basil
    22. Last person you talked to on the phone? My barber's husband
    23. Favorite sport to watch? Curling
    24. Real hair color? Brown
    25. Eye color? Brown
    26. Do you wear contacts? No
    27. Favorite food to eat? Vietnamese
    28. Scary movies or happy endings? Scary movies
    29. Last movie? Tower Heist (don't bother)
    33. What book are you reading? I'm currently between books. Even after 2.5 years, I haven't fit regular reading back into my schedule now that I'm no longer a bus commuter.
    35. What is on your mouse pad? Zima
    36. What is the last TV program you watched? Frasier
    37. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Both
    38. What is the farthest you traveled? India
    40. Do you have a special talent? I'm pretty good at posting cat photos on Saturdays
    41. Where were you born? Albuquerque

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  • 10/17/16--18:47: A new path
  • I knew when I got up today that I'd work through until my noon call and then have an afternoon walk. The sprint goes better if I start testing the deployment and get as much done as I can ahead of the call. It was especially good that I did it today, because I uncovered several deployment errors and it had to be reapplied. That made me lose all my work in the system, but I document everything I do thoroughly, so it won't be hard to recreate everything. At about 9:45, I heard back from the parks department, and they confirmed that people are allowed to walk on the road I asked about! Awesome news.


    It was a very awesome, stormy day. The video of the drive home would have been amazing if I didn't accidentally delete it. Oops.


    I don't know if it's due to the time of year or the time of day, but I saw more birds today over there than I ever have.


    There's not much fall color left, but I saw a little.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.2 miles in 1:48, 11,637 steps
    5.2 miles in 1:48, 11,637 steps

    That road I followed for the first time today is about 1.25 miles, so it adds another 2.5 or so to the possibilities there. Now I could easily do over nine if I feel like it. Nice to have that option.

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  • 10/18/16--16:25: Reroute
  • I originally planned to walk in the afternoon again today, but I got to a stopping point where I'd have to wait for things to replicate across the network and to hear back from people, so it made sense to head out. It was the latest start I've gotten for a weekday workout in a long time, so I figured Lowell would be good. It's close and not huge. Over by the new houses, they've rerouted the trail just a bit. The only reason I can think of to do this is for privacy; if there's a fence, the closer you are, the less you see. But they might have had to pull up the trail for utilities or something. This new branch of the trail has been there for a while, and I wondered what it was for.


    Though here's what it looks like at the other end, maybe they'll do some sort of landscaping.


    The normal view I've been getting the photo of.


    I walked past guys working on putting up a fence on that new section of trail and figured I may as well head back via the road I parked on, allowing for a couple of different views. I never really noticed this nice grassy area with trees between the houses and the railroad tracks. Some of the houses will have pretty nice views.


    The entrance to the neighborhood. I've been seeing the back of this sign for a weeks now, this is the first time I saw the front.


    I may have mentioned it before, but I think it would be so cool to get a building like this, leave it looking the same on the outside, but renovate the inside so it was very luxurious. I suppose this is a dream of mine because I was a kid in the '80s, and watching movies like Quicksilver and The Fly made me think that when I was an adult, there'd be tons of warehouse-style apartments to rent and buy when I grew up. And that every nightclub would have an alley entrance with neon signs. Ha.


    Another view of the neighborhood from higher up the hill.


    Since I walked back on the road, I was able to stop for a bathroom break at Lowell Park and follow its short trails. It was really pretty there today.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.9 miles in 1:10, 8,060 steps, 112ft gain
    3.9 miles in 1:10, 8,060 steps, 112ft gain

    A shorter, quicker walk than I'm used to, but I'm glad I did it because that freed up the afternoon for a lunch out. I wore my new shirt.

    Let"s get spoopy

    I ended up at a Greek place in Mukilteo, which was really good. I especially liked the fries.

    Get me to the Greek

    From where I sat in the restaurant, I could see a really beautiful tree across the street and over a bit. This is close to the picture I really wanted to get, but it didn't come out at all.


    This is what I ended up with.

    Taco Fall

    I don't normally drink sugary things unless there's booze involved, but this looked so good, I had to go in for one.


    And here are the boys being very cute today.


    As adorable as they're being, Steve was also a brat today. He wouldn't eat much of his lunch, which is a problem because now that Sam's on prescription food, we can't leave Steve's laying around. Then later on, he snuck into garage, crawled under a cart, and put his dirty paws on my clean shirt when I picked him up. Jerk.

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  • 10/19/16--16:51: Hump Day at the Gulch
  • Again today it made more sense to head out in the afternoon for my walk, though I did step out for a bit to grab a couple of things at the grocery store this morning. And I think I saw a coyote run across the street near our house on the way back. The spot where he was is right by a shortcut that goes up to the next street, which in turn is across from another that heads up to the park and a huge greenbelt. So even though we're only a couple of blocks from the main road, we also get to see deer and coyotes sometimes. Originally I thought I might just do my same dark morning route, but I realized that was dumb because it follows the tracks, and those actually get used in the afternoon. So I parked up by the houses on the West side and walked in.

    The mud wasn't too bad at all. If anything was an issue, it was the fallen leaves. They make it hard to see what you're about to step on. I had my poles with me, so I didn't stop for many photos. But of course I had to get one of this. Hi suxdonut!


    I'm pretty sure this bridge is new, and I bet it's over a spot that would have been very muddy otherwise. A guy walked down toward it just after I took the photo, and he agreed that it's got to be new.


    Speaking of which, there were a lot of people. I saw him another time, then when I hiked down to the access road I saw three people walking two dogs, plus another guy when I got back up to the top. And two guys on bikes I saw two times each. Very different from my normal experience there.

    It's not a trip on the Rusty Car trail without a photo of the rusty car.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.3 miles in 2 hours, 12,485 steps, 253ft gain
    5.3 miles in 2 hours, 12,485 steps, 253ft gain

    Pretty good walk, but I had a bit of a frustrating time in the North end. I haven't been spending as much time there so I took a lot of wrong turns. At least I didn't accidentally delete the video of the drive home!

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  • 10/20/16--19:11: Let it rain
  • My tattoo has healed nicely, so I'm going to the pool tomorrow. It'll be nice to swim again, I've missed it. Knowing it was my last walk of the week made it easy to set out for my walk even though it was raining like crazy. No need to worry if my gear will dry out overnight. I love rainy, dark dashcam videos, and this one is cool because I got frustrated waiting to turn left out of the neighborhood and took the long way around the park, so there's lots of light from the main drag.

    I couldn't take too many pictures because of the rain, but I got a couple I really liked. I love when you can barely see where the water ends and the sky begins.


    I was amazed this heron didn't take off. They generally won't hang around when I walk by. In fact, one I hadn't noticed was nearby got mad when I approached the water by the hotel to get a video of a seagull swimming around. He took off, yelling, and scared the seagull away too. But this one stayed put for a while.


    Today"s awesome walk, 4.3 miles in 1:24, 9,314 steps
    4.3 miles in 1:24, 9,314 steps

    I'm here alone tonight because Garrett's down at the airport for a mileage run tomorrow. For a brief moment, I thought about making some plans, and very nearly got an Airbnb in Seattle so I could see a show tonight. But I'm still reeling financially from the new mattress and other stuff, all of which happened right after I decided I'd set aside quite a bit of money each month for tattoos. Thinking about money made it easy to stay in, and I'm enjoying movies on our new HBO Go account.

    The other thing that made it easy was that I'd have had to stay up really late to see that show. I like my sleep.

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  • 10/21/16--05:08: SchadenFriday

  • Slow week. Add some in the comments!

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  • 10/21/16--14:24: Freaky Friday
  • I didn't think I'd ever been to the pool on a Friday morning, but I just checked the workout calendar and the most recent one was in July. Either way, it's rare. But I have until Halloween to swim as much as I want. I'll do three for sure, maybe four. It was nice to get back there today. The gentleman who I figured was the one who got cut that time was there, so I asked, but it wasn't him. He and his wife were in Arizona.


    Today was my first day with a new swimsuit. It's a Speedo brand squarecut one, which I paid $26 for on Amazon. That's about twice as much as I paid for the one before it, but it's a much higher quality suit. The best part is that it has a drawstring and strong elastic in the leg holes, so it didn't ride up or roll down. It's a much snugger fit than the one I've been using, but not so much as to be annoying.

    I've got quite a few new swimsuits waiting to be rotated into service. Basically I'm holding extended auditions to find my absolute favorite and once I find that, hopefully it'll be available for a long time. I'm going through a similar process with jockstraps for use while walking, but there's no need to go into detail about those. :)

    I didn't have much I needed to pick up, but still ended up going to two grocery stores on the way home from the pool. At QFC, I went to the detergent aisle for my final item, some liquid Gain detergent. They had powder. They had pods. No liquid. So I popped into Safeway, too. The weird side room at QFC that they sometimes put seasonal stuff in had tons of pumpkins. You can only see half here.


    Lots of interesting cloud activity this morning.


    This isn't the best photo because I took it last night when it was dark out, but I really like the current setup with these two magnets. Both of these plants are from a shipment I got this week.

    Color coordinated.

    Oddly enough, that shop didn't have a specific plant I was looking for on their website, but they did on Amazon, so I ordered from the same company two different places on Saturday. Oddly enough, the Amazon ones aren't arriving until today, even though it was a Prime order and should have already been here. Hope they aren't too angry about being boxed up for so long.

    Garrett's flight home tonight is already delayed. I wish I would have known earlier, because my friend I had dinner plans with this evening asked to move our dinner from 5 to 6pm. If I knew Garrett's flight was delayed, I would have agreed, but instead, I suggested rescheduling. But that's a better option anyway, as she has a big work project that fell on her lap today. Things like that have a tendency to go long.

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  • 10/22/16--06:49: CATURDAY

  • You can follow Benson and Stabler on Instagram: @svucats

    BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 10/23/16--16:18: Duck Season!
  • I joked recently about having to worry about getting shot by hunters on my Sunday walk, but it was definitely a joke because I've never seen more than one hunter out there before. Apparently duck hunting is the hot new thing this year. Two trucks were waiting at the parking area for the sun to come up, and when I got back to the car, the entire parking area was full, and a big group of hunters with two dogs was heading out. I haven't found the dates for the season yet, but I'm really not looking forward to all the gunshots. I was surprised I only heard one today. Still a nice day, though.


    I really like my new road over there. Always something new to see.


    There aren't any trees along that road, so there are great unobstructed views.


    I don't take 360-degree photos very often, but I felt like getting one from the middle of this bridge today to see how weird it would turn out.


    Turns out, it did a pretty good job! (click it to view properly on flickr)


    The fall colors along the river were really amazing today.


    Even the parking lot there is gorgeous.


    But we've reached the time of year where a lot of the scenery is dying off.


    And of course the power lines had to be in the way during this "heavens opening up" scene.


    Today"s awesome walk, 7.5 miles in 2:40, 17,009 steps
    7.5 miles in 2:40, 17,009 steps

    I really love that the new (to me) road lets me get this much distance in without going over to the island. I love the island, but most days this time of year, it's really wet. Maybe next week I'll do the entire thing. Except the hunting trail.

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  • 10/24/16--12:08: More weekend, please
  • Just yesterday I was thinking about how I've reached the age where lots of artists I never got to see in concert when I was younger are starting to pop up for me to finally see. Book of Love and Donna Summer are recent examples. I also recently saw Duran Duran, and it wasn't my first one, but I honestly can't remember anything about that time, even though it was a huge stadium show with The Cranberries opening! With today's news about Pete Burns dying at age 57, I'm thankful to report that I not only saw Dead or Alive back in the '90s in Albuquerque, but that it was an excellent show that I remember a lot of. Burns was the type of performer who always seemed to be standing in the spotlight in front of a fan, even if neither were around. And I think Rip It Up is one of the best albums ever recorded. Are there many that are mixed from beginning to end like that?

    I still think it's naive to view 2016 as an especially-tragic year. The world of celebrity and fame has grown larger each year and we've all become more immersed in it, and this year is probably going to be a good example of the new normal. I'd love to be proved wrong, though.

    I just heard about Pete Burns right when I was getting ready to post about my otherwise-uneventful day.

    I got to the pool a little bit late because I was seven minutes away from the end of the episode of LKTV I was listening to, and it made more sense to keep listening because those episodes are downloads from Patreon (instead of a regular podcast) and if I listen all the way through, I don't have to find the file in iTunes again later. It was still dark when I got there, and I'm surprised to see that the trees looked even more true to their real colors in this picture than they did to my naked eye.


    My swim was nice. The soundtrack was Lip Locked 363, which had some very solid tracks. Here's one I liked enough to track down using Shazam.

    I could tell there was a pretty cool sunrise going on when I left even though I couldn't personally see it.


    And here's some scary Halloween decor. Pretty sad to see in front of a house with two young girls.

    Scary Halloween decor