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  • 12/20/14--13:28: New form of crack discovered
  • New form of crack discovered

    They actually have several flavors that sounded good but I didn't want to go crazy. Looking forward to trying the others. One at a time.

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  • 12/21/14--11:38: Ghost Dad
  • 20141221_113155.jpg

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    The daily nagging is in full force

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  • 12/24/14--09:23: Poisonous earworms
  • Yesterday's swim was less than delightful because "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton was the song playing when I got out of the car, so it was stuck in my head the entire time. Songs like that are what happens when musicians make too much money and nobody feels safe telling them they're doing something awful.

    Jack FM says they play what they want, but I honestly can't believe that anyone who works for them actually wants to play it.

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  • 12/24/14--15:42: Bella's in my spot.
  • Bella's in my spot.

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  • 12/26/14--08:14: Merry Christmas!
  • xmas2014

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  • 12/26/14--11:04: SchadenFriday

  • Slow week. :(

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  • 12/27/14--16:36: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 12/28/14--09:15: One last bit of cheer
  • One last bit of cheer

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  • 12/29/14--09:07: Saturday adventure in photos
  • Fairies on a ferry




    Parking lot beauty

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  • 12/30/14--10:46: Reluctant Yogi
  • Early in November, I finally went for a first visit with my new doctor up here. It was mainly a checkup, but I also had a skin tag I wanted to get rid of, and I was hoping there was something that she could do for my lower back. It's a lot better than it was, but it still bothers me more often than I care to deal with.

    I was pretty disappointed when her only suggestion was to try tai chi or yoga. I'd gone in thinking, laser surgery? E-stim? Nothing so medical. I've always thought that the old people who do tai chi in the park are cool, but that I'd end up as the type who walks in malls instead. But recently I decided that if I don't take my doctors advice, I don't have any business complaining when nothing changes.

    Lessons are expensive, but that's no excuse now that tons of them are on YouTube for free. And the prospect of trying it at home alone was less daunting anyway. Who cares what I'm wearing or if I'm panting if nobody else is here? All I really needed was a mat, which was easy to get on Amazon.

    I've actually had the mat for a few weeks, and was meaning to get started soon. Yesterday became the day when I realized the kids are still out of school all week and there'd probably be a ton of them at the pool like when I went last week. No thanks. So I went for it. Yesterday I tried this video, and it kicked my ass. Its definitely a little frustrating to try a class "for beginners" and find so many of the moves so difficult, but then again, it's not a video specifically for fat beginners. Really all there is to it is that my gut gets in the way sometimes, but I worked around it.

    I tried her morning yoga video today and felt at the end that it was definitely more of a daily warm-up type routine and not a workout, so I got geared up and walked for a little over an hour afterward. I saw the start of a trail leading off the road recently and was hoping it might be a route into the park, so I decided my goal today would be to make my way there and see where it goes.

    As it turns out, it doesn't go much of anywhere at all. There's a reservoir hidden in the middle of a bunch of houses, and several trails between them surround it. There's a couple of benches. It seems like it might be nice for the residents, or it might be annoying if teenagers hang out there.

    So anyway, I'm giving yoga a try. Just another reason I'm glad I have the house to myself during the day.

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  • 12/31/14--10:28: Fighting the good fight
  • I haven't missed a day posting here since August 26, 2012. I don't always have something interesting to say or share, but my goal for a long time now has been to post at least something here every day. Everybody who misses the heyday here should at least try the same.

    Facebook and Twitter are good for a lot of things (keeping in touch with people, talking about current events and TV shows) but neither one's very good as an archive. Thankfully between LiveJournal and Flickr, I can usually find a specific post I'm hunting for, and LJ is really great for looking back when I just feel like browsing.

    I also really love tumblr, but hesitate to make it very personal. I like it as a visual repository, but also fear the power reblogs wield in terms of things gaining too much of an audience.

    It's been nice to meet some new people here this year. Makes it feel a lot less dead. As always, I hope more people will come back. It was funny to see tons of people talk about how they hoped Ello could be like their old LiveJournal days, when the option to post here was available the whole time.

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    Me and David on Halloween

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  • 01/02/15--05:47: SchadenFriday

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    Neighbor cat we've named Jermaine likes licking ice

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  • 01/03/15--07:29: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 01/04/15--08:15: Jermaine update
  • A suggestion came from Facebook that I should leave some water out for him. I did, and saw him enjoying some the very next time I looked out there.

    Jermaine digs the water I put out

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  • 01/05/15--14:04: Elusive Poolcat
  • There's a tuxedo cat I see at the swim center about every third visit. He's extremely friendly and comes and goes as he pleases. I'm not sure if he lives there, lives in the park, or lives with someone who works there. Who knows, they might have a whole setup for him in the office.

    I've wanted to get a picture of him for a while, but am usually in the pool already when I spot him. Today, he was right by the front desk when I came in. I almost had my phone out, when he walked into the locker room. Obviously the one place I can't wave my phone around.

    If this were Seattle, that cat would have its own twitter account. It's kinda weird living in the kind of place where he can just be a cat at a pool and nobody's trying to make him famous.

    I think I'll call him David. Like David Schwimmer. Womp womp.

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