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  • 10/28/16--04:59: SchadenFriday

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  • 10/28/16--08:29: Swim session standout track
  • Found in Lip Locked 361. I don't know why the URL says 360 but the link and the file say 361 and that's two against one.

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  • 10/29/16--07:16: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 10/30/16--13:31: Spoopy Sunday
  • One of my favorite things about my regular Sunday spot is when I pull in and find fog. Oftentimes, there isn't any at all on the way, then I turn the corner and bam! It's fun. It was a touch dark when I got there, but still very cool.


    Thankfully it wasn't very eventful. I only heard one gunshot the whole time I was there. May as well let the photos speak for themselves. I took a lot more, so check over at flickr if you care to.


    I was there long enough for the sun to rise up over the clouds and got to see the fall colors lit brilliantly.


    Today"s awesome walk, 7.2 miles in 2:32, 16,252 steps
    7.2 miles in 2:32, 16,252 steps

    After I got back, we had a lovely brunch at Harvey's and now we're finally watching season 2 of The Comeback. I'm on a Lisa Kudrow kick this week. I rented The Opposite of Sex meaning to rent Happy Endings, then actually rented Happy Endings. She's so great.

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  • 10/31/16--20:11: Tattoo update
  • Another three hours, five total.

    Session 2 with Jimmy complete!

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  • 11/01/16--15:43: Only Tuesday?
  • I managed to fool myself yesterday during the tattoo session into thinking it was Friday for a while, since my last appointment was on one. Thankfully that didn't last long and I hadn't made any major plans for "today." Wasn't feeling super hot this morning, bur still got up on time and made it out nice and early for a walk on the waterfront. The water was higher than I ever remember seeing it at the marina.


    It was raining a lot, which doesn't bother me at all, but there were quite a few spots where I had to dodge puddles I could barely see. What I never realized before today was how common spiderwebs are on the marina's fences. There were one or two on almost every section.


    Another weird special. I really have to try that place.


    I can't quite tell what's going on in these pictures. The glow comes from the Boeing plant next to Japanese Gulch, but I can't tell what the big dark spot is. A darker cloud between me and the ones that are lit? A hole in the lit clouds? A dark spot in the lighting due to the very large building being surrounded by brightly lit parking lots? Hm.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.43 miles in 1:41, 11,428 steps
    5.43 miles in 1:41, 11,428 steps

    There's a new sushi joint in town and I decided to try it today. I'm on a mission to try all the chirashi bowls I can get my hands on within a reasonable distance. This one was pretty good, but it was missing the roe that the menu lists. And it was an expensive bowl, so that's a bummer. I'll definitely be back to try other things there, but I know a place with a comparable chirashi for $5 less, so no need to order theirs again. They have lots of awesome-sounding stuff on their menu.

    New sushi joint in town = new chirashi to try.

    I also learned after I got home that there's a new Vietnamese place in town, so I have to go there soon as well.

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  • 11/01/16--20:05: The Lion House was saved!
  • This makes me very happy. It was on the market long enough that I started to worry.

    Now I'm curious if its new location is the lot by the park that's been available for ages. If so, that's really great that the house and the lot came together, so to speak. I'll try to find it soon.

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  • 11/02/16--13:40: Wednesday is the new Sunday
  • I was thinking about a walk at Lowell this morning but when I looked it up and saw that dawn today wasn't even until 7:24, decide I'd just wait until next week when Daylight Saving Time is over. Langus is fine in the dark, so I went there.



    I didn't see anyone else there at all today, though a truck went by on the other side of the fence once. Inside next to the water, so definitely a wastewater treatment plant employee. Shortly after that, dawn arrived.


    Today"s awesome walk, 6.15 miles in 1:59, 13,208 steps
    6.15 miles in 1:59, 13,208 steps

    I haven't made many dashcam videos lately, but the cloud cover was thick and moving quickly so I wanted to today.

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  • 11/03/16--16:47: There and there again
  • Got a message on Facebook yesterday from one of my oldest friends. Our families lived on the same street until we moved the summer before kindergarten, but I can't remember for sure if I we knew each other then. We were in the same classes a lot after that, though. Funnily enough, I was looking at the photo of my new tattoo on Tuesday and realizing all the freckles on that arm came from the major sunburn I got that time he and I went to the water park and I only put sunscreen on once the whole day. And here he was in my messenger a day later. He was in Seattle for the night and wondered if I wanted to come down for dinner. I answered honestly that I really don't like going down, but thankfully he had a rental car and said he'd come up. I offered to buy dinner for his trouble.

    We had a really nice visit. It'd been 20 years or so, and while we keep in touch online, it's definitely not the same as a visit. We went to Arnie's and I showed him Edgewater Beach as the last of the evening light was disappearing. And then I was there again this morning, as it's my usual Thursday spot.


    After three laps around the tank farm, I was hemming an hawing about whether I should go over to the other beach. Just then, another walker emerged from the darkness going the other direction, so I decided to head over. The timing wasn't great and I had to wait for the ferry traffic for a bit, but the view was good while I waited.


    The light was great on the way to the beach, but ultimately I couldn't do much there.


    The tide was pretty high, and I saw some activity up ahead, so I came back up off the beach onto the paved path. Just then, I heard a seal barking, really loudly. I walked over to a little hill and tried to get a look at it, but couldn't see it. So I walked away and heard it again, went back, couldn't see it, rinse, repeat. My guess is that the people I saw were either the Seal Sitters or called them and were waiting for them to cordon the area off. I didn't feel like causing any issues, so I left.

    Today"s awesome walk, 5 miles in 1:45, 11,227 steps, 181ft gain
    5 miles in 1:45, 11,227 steps, 181ft gain

    The cloud cover was thick and moving fast enough to see with the naked eye, so I made a video on the way home.

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  • 11/04/16--04:35: SchadenFriday

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  • 11/04/16--15:40: Let there be light
  • Spending so much time at my walking spots that are good in the dark has meant I haven't been doing much climbing, and I wanted a good climb today, so I went over to Japanese Gulch. For the first time ever, I decided to bring a flashlight. I've got tons of these little keychain lights because I sell items made from them in my shop.


    I'm glad the keyring fits on my finger perfectly so it's handy but not a burden. I only used it a couple of times, once right when I started to I could avoid the puddles at the bottom, then up at the top when I transitioned from the tracks to the path that leads over to the access road. It was still quite dark, even after I did my first trip to the end of the access road and back.


    I wanted a full five miles, so I did a little math and realized I'd need three more full trips to the end of the access road and back, which was fine. It's a good place to be in the dark; no hazards, save for the occasional small branch. When it came time to head back down, I walked over to the road for a look at the Boeing plant, figuring it was a good time to get shots to compare the regular lens and the wide-angle one.


    The light on the way down was pleasant. There were people at the dog park, but I didn't see anyone until I got down there.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5ish miles in 1:47, 11,965 steps, 461ft gain
    5ish miles in 1:47, 11,965 steps, 461ft gain

    I called the distance "5ish" because that loop near mile 4 didn't actually happen. Big GPS glitch, the likes of which I haven't seen in a while. I could see there was a nice sunset I was missing off to the East. I got this picture and a video on the way home, but really should have stopped at Harborview Park on the way for photos. But that would have interrupted the video.


    I'm mostly mentioning it to try to remember, I need to try making the video in the Hyperlapse app instead of using Autoboy and then importing into Hyperlapse. Hopefully I'll get better results that way.

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  • 11/05/16--08:03: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 11/05/16--16:22: Movie cliche
  • Person refuses to leave the hospital in a wheelchair even though it's hospital policy.

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  • 11/06/16--18:28: Hi Bella
  • Hi Bella

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  • 11/06/16--18:59: What a relief
  • It was so nice to go to my normal Sunday spot and already have light before I even got around the first turn in the path.



    It was the kind of morning that's really beautiful, but hard to get dramatic pictures of.


    A bit of the sunrise broke through, though. That was nice.


    Today"s awesome walk, 7.36 miles in 2:32, 16,442 steps
    7.36 miles in 2:32, 16,442 steps

    I don't normally share the map so early in the post, but I wanted to show that this route had something totally new. Normally I turn back around mile 3, but today the gates on the road heading East were open, so I went that way. I was expecting to find a dead end, but I ended up connecting back on the path I'd been on, walking past a closed gate from behind. So the path I've been curious about, that's closed, was open today if you approached from the other direction.

    After that, I went to the island for the first time since I discovered the new path. I'm not sure it's really worth it until spring. My feet got wet and there weren't many things to take photos of. This was cute, though.


    It was weird to cross this bridge without having a Snow White experience with the little birds. Guess they're gone for the year.


    At the end of the bridge, I found this box. Never heard of this, guess it's kinda like geocaching but with stamps to collect.

    Geocaching for the scrapbook crowd?

    Today was supposed to be the first video of the drive home recording directly from Hyperlapse instead of importing into it. It froze seven minutes in, though. Probably just as well, since it is more of a wide-angle view than Autoboy is, and no matter how far I slid it over in the mount, the mount was visible in the video. But I'll still try again.

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  • 11/07/16--13:22: Sugar and Iron
  • Six years ago today, Garrett and I had our wedding on a rooftop near the Seattle waterfront. You wouldn't know by the photos that it was early November.


    Marriage equality hadn't arrived in Washington by then, this was the day we became domestic partners and signed wills and power of attorney paperwork. And it was two years after we met, which was 11/9/2008. So, two years later to the day of the week, but not to the date. Nobody gets married on a Tuesday, though. November 7th is what we consider our anniversary, and we refer to the day we got legally married as the "upgrade." That was the first day it was available to us, 12/9/2012.

    We exchanged our gifts last night. The traditional gifts are sugar and iron. I got him a big bag of different candies, and he got me a press to use for cooking. Totally perfect, since he's the one with the sweet tooth and I do most of the cooking. When he's done with work, we'll meet at Arnie's because they gave me a nice gift certificate when I took my old friend there last week. It's only good for a month, so we may as well use it for a nice dinner tonight.

    It's been a pretty chill Monday otherwise. I went to Lowell for my walk for the first time in a while. The time change meant it was dark when I got there, but it didn't take long for that to change.


    Really cool clouds toward the end of the trail.


    There used to be a fence here and I'm curious why it's gone. Probably just to move some equipment.


    I'm glad I walked a few steps past where it was because I found a dollar! I've never found a dollar while walking even though I've gone 4,000 miles or so.


    Updated neighborhood photo. You'll see the streets here are now showing up in maps, in the route map below.


    My other obligatory photo.


    Nice to see there's still a lot of fall color here.


    Up on the bridge on the way out of the park, another opportunity to compare the regular lens to the wide-angle one.


    Today"s awesome walk, 5.13 miles in 1:46, 11,456 steps
    5.13 miles in 1:46, 11,456 steps

    The new roads I mentioned are the two rectangles West of the 1-mile mark. The time change seems to have brought more people out. I saw two other people walking and a guy went by on a bike. I don't like to share, but at least they weren't around when it was still dark.

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    One thing that's handy about working from home is that it's really easy to make appointments for stuff around the house. I called Geek Squad about our refrigerator Sunday evening, and secured an appointment window for today from 8am-noon, which was perfect. Enough time after to do whatever I want for lunch and then go meet Garrett's cousin for an afternoon walk before Garrett can join us at her new place for dinner. Well, the repair guy called this morning and said I'd hear from him this afternoon. So there's no way to know until he actually leaves if there will be time for that afternoon walk. I'm pretty realistic about these things now, so I didn't take the afternoon walk for granted. I even left really early for my walk this morning, so I could be back and showered just in case I happened to get the repair guy's first call of the day. So even if the afternoon one doesn't work out, I got my miles in.


    Not sure how to explain it, but I saw a lot of people this morning. It may have been due to the end of Daylight Saving Time, but another possibility is that there's a regular, early flurry of activity each morning before I get there. I always imagine myself as the first one everywhere I go, but of course I could be wrong.

    To put it in perspective, I saw seven or eight people and four or five dogs, as opposed to one or two of each.


    That special sounds pretty good, and if it wasn't for the refrigerator repair, I might go try it. The food situation around here's pretty frustrating at the moment. Garrett moved most of the refrigerator stuff downstairs, but it's all in bags and I don't feel like digging through those, so I'm eating frozen and pantry stuff. Since we went out for our anniversary dinner last night and today's plan suddenly became a dinner plan, we need to do three Blue Apron meals in a row Wednesday-Friday. It'll be delicious, but also a lot of work. Oh well.


    I mentioned that part of the walking path is closed due to construction, this crane is now in use there.


    This is near where my walks begin and end. One of my favorite spots for a photo.

    Today"s awesome walk, 5.2 miles in 1:34, 10,785 steps
    5.2 miles in 1:34, 10,785 steps

    Hopefully today's mileage total will be over 8 miles. We'll see.

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  • 11/09/16--15:01: Oh.
  • Yesterday's afternoon walk was canceled due to a last-minute work thing Becky got, but she still had us over for a nice housewarming dinner. Her new place is nice, and very convenient to the park I was going to take her to. I was exhausted when we left, and went to bed as soon as we got home. But then I made the mistake of checking my phone. I really thought Hillary would be way ahead of Trump, but that wasn't the case at all, and neither had 270 electoral votes yet. I tried to sleep, but my heart was racing and using the CPAP felt like SCUBA diving because my chest was so heavy. I checked again a couple more times, and finally saw that Trump won.

    I'm so glad I recently saw an article saying that laying down in bed with your eyes closed--even if you don't sleep--is still much better than just getting up. I might have gotten a few hours of sleep, but I doubt it. I haven't had such a sleepless night since my mom died, which is when I decided bad news can wait until the morning because otherwise you're too exhausted to deal with it. And I'd been expecting to see good news when I checked my phone.

    Melissa and I were supposed to walk this morning, but she canceled. That worked out because I had a project that would take a few hours to complete. I jumped into that, sent it off with my notes, and went out for a late walk. I wasn't even really concerned if someone noticed I was gone; it was a mental health break. And it all worked out. I didn't hear from anyone while I was gone, and I answered a few other things this afternoon, both before and after I went over to the Asian buffet for lunch.

    I didn't realize how much the sky had wept today, and was surprised by how much mud I found at the gulch. And I couldn't walk along the tracks because it was late, and I don't know what time they start using them. So I walked in the mud.

    I really wasn't in the mood for photos, so I just did a little bit of documentation. I've talked about this stream that's formed in the center of the gulch. It reduces the mud by stopping the water from spreading all the way across, but now it's getting wider. Hopefully it won't turn into some sort of new problem.


    And of course I like to get a photo when I'm done looking across the dog park.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.7 miles in 1:09, 7,810 steps, 402ft gain
    3.7 miles in 1:09, 7,810 steps, 402ft gain

    Still haven't found a good Hyperlapse alternative, but I like today's video. The raindrops are cool. Last night has definitely caught up with me. Currently I'm watching The Neon Demon, but I hope I doze off.

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  • 11/10/16--19:30: Surprise Skies
  • I really like my Thursdays at the tank farm, though there's always a sense of dread when I leave because it's garbage/recycling/yard waste day. I decided recently that I'd move air plant bath day and CPAP cleaning day to Thursday to stack it all up, mainly so I wouldn't have to devote any time on Saturday to put the the plants back in their places once they're dry. I didn't actually get around to the CPAP stuff today, but the plants are drying happily as we speak. As for the walk, it's almost as though I was rewarded for today's new chore routine with an amazing walk.


    It was definitely a "too many great photos" kind of day, click over to flickr for more.


    A little early for this decor, but I'll allow it.


    There were way too many people out and about, but I liked the evidence I found of some earlier visitors.


    I'm always glad that I can take the time to enjoy the sights.

    The wide-angle lens came in very handy today.


    Nice to still seem some color around the concrete.


    Today"s awesome walk, 4.7 miles in 1:49, 11,293 steps
    4.7 miles in 1:49, 11,293 steps

    I was in a hurry when I got home to get the garbage/recycling/yard waste out to the street, shower, and eat some breakfast, so I could get over to the barber shop when it opened. I've decided I was long overdue for a new hairstyle and got a hard part. I'm going to grow the top out so that the length goes all the way across, like George McFly.

    New "do

    I had lunch in Marysville and saw Doctor Strange in 3D. It was awesome. The sky was still neat, so I turned on the dashcam. Since I was driving in one direction for so long, this one is twice as fast as I normally do them, 32x instead of 16x.

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