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  • 07/03/16--10:45: Weekend
  • No walk this morning because yesterday was exhausting. Spent about five hours doing housework to get ready for our July 4th party, then Bev and Dennis came over with dinner. We ate in the basement because it's nice and cool down here, and I'm grateful to have that option. After that, we headed up to the Tulalip Casino's amphitheater to see Diana Ross!

    My family is super cute.

    Early in the morning, before Garrett got up, I decided to try 360-degree photography for the first time. The Google Street View app does it so you can contribute views to their system, but there's also a Private tab. Geo-tagging is defaulted as on, FYI. It's a somewhat tedious process as you have to take 53 photos for it to stitch together. The hardest part is keeping your feet out of the very bottom shot. The back yard came out great. (You can view these properly, in all directions, over at flickr.)

    Our back yard

    It had a little trouble with the front, which is way more complex. The lowest layer got turned a bit and the whole thing is very Escheresque.

    Front yard. Somewhat Escheresque.

    Sam, looking incredibly regal.


    Check out this air plant that came in the mail yesterday!

    New plant just arrived!

    Managed to get another entry for the Honey Bucket Selfie contest.

    Seeing Diana Ross at #Tulalip Amphitheatre! #honeybucketselfie

    The concert was pretty neat. I saw several old friends and managed to avoid talking to one who annoys me. Strangely enough, Dennis thought he recognized him and went over and said hi. Haha. Rhonda Ross (Diana's Daughter) opened, then Miss Ross herself came out and put on a great show. This is my favorite of her five outfits.

    A vision in orange

    I took a few videos but this one's my favorite.

    I wasn't really tired when we got home, so I didn't end up in bed until maybe 11:30 or so. Very late for me. I turned off my alarm and didn't wake up until after 6:00am. It was already really bright out and I was sore, so I just stayed in. Right now I'm taking a quick break from even more housework so I could get this post done, gotta get back to it. I'm very excited about our croquet tournament tomorrow, even if the turnout isn't looking great so far. I'll get a picture tomorrow of all the prizes once I can get them laid out on the dining room table after the cats are sequestered for the day.

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  • 07/04/16--17:22: Happy 4th!
  • Happy 4th, y"all!

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  • 07/05/16--16:42: Not the best timing
  • The first day back at work after the three-day weekend was also the first day in a new busy period at work. Not only the regular monthly stuff, but a new site template project as well. Thankfully I was able to get a lot of testing done without needing a demo and managed to get to a natural stopping point, then do a first draft of the template before our demo call. That call answered the questions I had about the other items to test, so tomorrow I can finish my tests and do my first round of work getting the template in the system. Being tired and sore from the weekend kind of worked in my favor today. I decided to stay in and power through it, and the sleepiness and lack of desire to leave the house got me in a very efficient mode.

    I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of the prize table for the croquet party yesterday. It happened because with about half an hour to go, I remembered a bunch of cheap decorations I bought at the dollar store, and ran around the house putting them up. Dollar store decorations are so great because they're cheesy and cheap, just like me. And since they cost almost nothing, there's no reason to try to carefully put them away for the next year. The only exception I make is a letter banner which originally read UNITED WE STAND. I bought it last year and rearranged the letters so it reads DIETS UNWANTED, and it decorates the table where the guests' food goes.

    Since I don't have the photo, here's a list of the prizes from memory:
    - 8GB mp3 player with microSD slot
    - The Ocean coloring book by Mike Fleming (who ended up winning the mp3 player!)
    - A kite shaped like a turtle
    - A plastic wine glass that comes apart for compact storage, packed with a pour spout and stopper, and a corkscrew
    - Slippery nipple recipe shot glass and slow screw recipe shot glass, packed with a shot pouring spout
    - Pie pan with pie sealer (plastic hinge that rests against the cut edges of pies so they don't try out)
    - Battlefield Earth action figure (I won it!)
    - Naughty cowboy planter with an air plant coming out of his pants instead of a cactus
    - Majestic white horse candle holder with an air plant in it instead
    - Dolphin tea light holder with an air plant in it instead

    And the grand prize, a Tommy Trout!

    What a surprise that nobody wanted it! The shot glass set and the dolphin air plant also went unclaimed. Oh, and for the second year in a row, I put out a duck tissue box cover and nobody took it. Third time's the charm?

    Gotta give credit where it's due, Garrett's croquet course was great. One wicket was taped to the side of a container of water which acted as a moat, and you had to launch the ball through it off a ramp. The final wicket was reached via a ramp and tube that connected the higher part of the yard to the lower part. And this year, the course also took everyone to the front yard and back. Really fun.

    I made an awesome breakfast today using party leftovers.


    This is an onion bagel with our friend Drew's salmon cream cheese spread, chopped onions from the hot dog bar, capers, and tomato. There were two halves, but my phone's operating system updated, and I ate the first half by the time I could use my phone again.

    Lunch was equally great. Our friend Josephine's amazing Asian noodles and Lisa's delicious Greek salad. Not things you'd normally eat together, but perfectly fine with you don't want to throw any of it away.

    I managed to clean the yard up today but had to stop short of getting everything put away due to back pain, so when I was done with that I did Adriene's 20-minute Yoga for Your Back video, and will probably be doing it pretty regularly in the upcoming weeks. There was just way too much standing around at the party and I always pay the price when I do that.

    The neighborhood cats stayed completely out of sight yesterday, so it was nice to stalk Jermaine a few minutes ago.

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  • 07/06/16--18:22: Swim swim swim
  • Today was super busy with work. Between 4am at 4:30pm or so, I was away from my desk long enough to swim and eat lunch. That was on purpose, though. It was not required of me to do so much today, but it was described as a big PR win if we could get the project moved through. I was definitely willing to stack some hours for that. So all I have to say about today is that it was the first time I can remember ever seeing this crowd all waiting at the door for it to open, and that Zoey was at the front desk to greet everyone.


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  • 07/08/16--08:51: Walk walk walk
  • Super busy day but it was worth it to get out for a walk and do some work in the afternoon because I got to see this.



    I saw kayakers there for the first time. It was a little weird that they were there and the gate was open, because it's never been open that early. I wonder if one of them had a key.


    Driftwood for kazzy_cee.


    I'd caught the tail end of the sunset and this was one of the only times the sun broke through.


    Potential future profile photo.

    Come here often?

    I saw a seal!

    Also, lots of bunnies, but this is the one I got closest too. For suxdonut

    Yesterday&quot;s awesome walk, 4.12 miles in 1:35, 9,825 steps
    4.12 miles in 1:35, 9,825 steps

    Garrett was at the Arlington Fly-in all day yesterday, so I ended up at Steak Night at our neighborhood bar. I brought home half the steak and all but a couple of bites of the potato for today's lunch. All this was $12.99.

    $12.99 ribeye dinner

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  • 07/08/16--09:24: SchadenFriday

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  • 07/09/16--07:16: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 07/10/16--11:25: Beautification
  • You may recall I got my first air plant from a local business called Vertical Gardens Northwest. In the months since then, I've made friends with the owner Kristen and started to really want her main product, the vertical self-watering planter. The design is great. Each unit has its own reservoir as well as a channel to allow overflow water to fill any units installed below. Cotton wicks draw water out of the reservoir into the area that holds this soil, which can also be watered manually, and has drainage holes which drip to the ones below. You can see projects on the site where entire walls are covered with plants using these, but a set of four or eight looks great on an interior wall or even a deck railing or office cube.

    Kristen's in charge of the Everett Makers Market and put on the recent block party we went to, and that was the day I decided it was time to get one for our dining room. Garrett's only request was that it should happen after our July 4th party and look fantastic when Thanksgiving rolls around. Kristen and her husband Matt came over Friday night, and installed it pre-planted for me. It's already great! When the work was done, we visited for a couple more hours, which was tons of fun.

    I love our new indoor garden from Vertical Gardens Northwest! Check out more:

    I decided to do half plants and half herbs, and am looking forward to being able to just walk across the dining room for fresh herbs when I'm cooking. And it's just out of reach from the cats. I'm sure they hate it.

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    Zoey was hunting around outside the swim center when I walked up today. I've seen her outside before, but never so active.

    She's such a lucky cat. The swim center is such a great place for a cat to live. It's huge, and has tons of floor-to-ceiling windows. Tons of friendly people come through every day who either admire her from afar or are very sweet and doting if they visit. People are in and out a lot so the door opens all the time, making it easy for her to leave whenever she wants. I've even seen employees let her in when she was waiting by a sliding window in the back. And finally, when she goes outside, she's in the middle of a huge park with a trail through the woods right by the building.


    What a life. I feel similarly lucky. Our neighborhood is great, I'm enjoying all the walking, hiking, and swimming I get to do, and even though work is crazy busy, it's going great. Today's swim was really nice, and afterward I sat in the upper level of the sauna practicing holding my breath while pressing my sore shoulder up against the warm back wall. I want to get better at swimming without a snorkel, so I took breaths and held them as long as possible. The inhaling and exhaling would happen much faster in the pool, but I wasn't alone in the sauna and didn't want to gasp loudly.

    Yesterday's hike was also great.

    First I made my way all the way up to the top of the Eastern slope, to the paved road that runs alongside the Boeing recreation center. Once in a while if I want to start on that side at the top, I'll park where the trail emerges at the road. One of the first times I was up there, I walked down the hill that heads North, and decided to check it out again. It's probably private property, but there's no sign saying not to go there, so why not? There's not a trail, per se, but they've done a little utility work down there and vehicles have cleared tire paths.


    There's not a lot to see on the hillside itself, but it overlooks the water, so there are good views. Not sure why I didn't grab any photos of that. I liked a lot of the coloring I saw.


    I'm quite proud of the route I took. It was the entire length of the area using the uppermost path, as well as a complete loop around the big bike stunts area. Almost every time I go that way, I confuse the loop trail's Eastern part for an exit, then find myself making a counterclockwise loop and coming back to the trail via it. The first time it happened, I was really confused and frustrated, but now I just enjoy that loop. I almost always used to go up the center trail, head North on the upper part, and make my way down the way I went up today. I prefer it the way I go now, the trails are just easier in that direction. Especially the steep sandy one at the North end.

    It's kind of like a sandwich. If it doesn't taste as good as you thought it would, try flipping it over.

    I always like to get a photo of this view across the gulch from up there.

    View from the top

    One of the hugest slugs I've ever seen!


    I wanted to be able to say I did the "entire" Easternmost path so I also went to the end of that access road and back.


    Today&quot;s awesome walk, 5.91 miles in 2:58, 16,713 steps, 513ft gain
    5.91 miles in 2:58, 16,713 steps, 513ft gain

    I was really surprised when I stopped the app to see that I'd been out for three hours! My best comfortable pace is three miles an hour, but I only did two an hour yesterday. Probably because I was having so much fun stopping for Snapchats. One thing I really wish I'd gotten on camera was an owl that flew past me. It was about three feet from my face! Totally amazing.

    Once I'd reached a lull in the work today when I knew it'd be a while before I heard back about anything, I decided to take advantage of all the extra time I worked last week and step away for a bit. I was hoping to buy a pan at the K-Mart in Marysville, but when I got there, it was already empty and closed up. I knew that store was closing, but I hoped I'd catch the clearance sale. Oh well. Lunch at a buffet was pretty good, even though it was way too warm in there. Also visited a couple of thrift stores, and tried to do a little shopping at Grocery Outlet, only to discover they don't have any handbaskets at that location. So weird. Here's a video of the drives out there and back. Neat clouds.

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    I took the scenic route home along the waterfront yesterday and decided it'd definitely been too long since I'd walked on the waterfront. So I headed back down there today, and it was a perfect morning for it.

    I extended my route by heading immediately to the water at the spot where you can first access it, which is just North of the naval base.


    It was really perfect out.


    And I ended up with eight more entries for the Honey Bucket selfie contest. Four photos, each on Twitter and Instagram.


    They even retweeted the third one. The last one's at the site where they're getting ready to move the old Weyerhaeuser building. When it's in place at Boxcar Park, it'll be the headquarters for three different yacht clubs. That move is being handled by the same company that has the Lion House available for purchase and moving.


    One of the members of the local yacht club is our friend Melissa, who lives on her boat nearby. When I got there, I sent her a message with this picture saying hi, and she decided she should get out as well. I'll be back on Friday to walk down there with her.


    Some fresh shots of familiar stuff.


    Today&quot;s awesome walk, 5.7 miles in 2:07, 13,341 steps
    5.7 miles in 2:07, 13,341 steps

    I'm looking forward to seeing how much of this route we end up doing on Friday. I can always keep going if she decides to head back.

    All the photos of me are now out of date, as I got a haircut and beard trim this morning. My barber also told me that she's there about three out of every four Mondays even though the shop's closed, and that I should text her if I want a Monday haircut. Guess I've entered the inner circle.

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  • 07/13/16--19:10: A small victory
  • I found myself in a position as my work day was winding down where I'd need to not only re-do a bunch of work, but have the amount done in the new version increase about sevenfold. And I made plans to present the revised version 23 hours later. Tomorrow's my birthday, so as a gift to myself, I decided to work a few extra hours this afternoon to take the pressure off tomorrow. But that's not what this post's title refers to. What I'm excited about is that I finally managed to make the Vine I've been wanting to make for a while this morning. The lighting has never been right before, but today it came out perfect.

    Today was the first time I ever saw an eagle down at the beach. It was picking around at the ground, which I didn't know they did, and it also flew around a bit. I caught both of these moments as Vines, as well.

    That was in the second part of my walk, though. The first part was something completely new! I decided to visit the Mukilteo Beach side before doing my Edgewater Beach loops, and noticed for the first time that it's a much bigger beach than I realized. I mean, it was low tide, but still, it goes on and on. Totally cool. Lots more cloud pics and such if you click over to flickr.


    I'm not used to seeing as much weird sea plant and animal life on the beaches as I saw there. I wonder if it's because that beach has a Western shore and my normal ones are to the North. There was a lot of gross stuff I didn't want pictures of if you think this is gross.


    Lots of heron action. Tons of seals in the water, too, but they seem to be able to sense when you get your phone ready, and slip into the water almost every time.


    That beach has a very impressive driftwood trunk.


    Back at the tank farm where I do my loops, I was sad to discover they painted over the mural I like. I don't get it, since the plan is to demolish all of that to make the new ferry terminal. Maybe it won't happen for a while.


    Today&quot;s awesome walk, 5 miles in 2:05, 12,37 steps
    5 miles in 2:05, 12,37 steps

    I really enjoyed seeing a new beach and the workout was more intense because of all the time spent on sand and rocks. I'll be back for sure.

    This afternoon I shipped out a very large air plant setup! It wasn't in my shop because I picked up the glass part with a friend in mind who has purchased from me before. Thankfully she liked it and agreed to buy it so it didn't end up languishing in my shop.

    Large xerographica setup I shipped out today with a cider bottle for scale.

    The day's finally winding down but I have to jump back into it early tomorrow. Glad I knocked out the bulk of what needs to get done and can enjoy the rest of the evening.

    2/3 of my boys
    The other third

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  • 07/14/16--14:59: 42
  • According to my dad when we talked today, I turned 42 at 5:57am. Apparently that was quite the night for my mom. They've said that I was sideways for a while and that my footprints were visible on that side of her belly, so with her permission, they wheeled her around with her face covered to show several doctors before finally getting me into position and on the way out.

    I gave Garrett this shirt when he turned 42 and now that I am, it's mine for a year.

    Gave this shirt to Garrett when he turned 42, now I get it for a year.

    Because I wanted to finally try my new Pulabecs goggles, I'd decided a while ago that my second swim this week would be laps out in Snohomish. My Wednesday beach walk that became my Thursday beach walk was moved back to Wednesday, because the Snohomish Masters swimmers use that pool M/W/F. They don't usually take up the whole pool or anything, but I figured I may as well not chance it. It was really nice there today, and those goggles are great. They didn't fog up at all. I'm going to take really good care of them.

    Work's still crazy and if it wasn't my birthday, I'd be working right now. Decided today could be a regular day instead of a long one and I'll pound out a bunch tomorrow, up into the afternoon if necessary. Things are going pretty well with the projects I'm working on.

    Just happened to see on Facebook that the new yacht club is almost in place.

    Steak night at the neighborhood bar tonight. Until time to leave, I'm catching up on the various sites and RSS feeds, and I already finally got caught up on Words with Friends. I had games that'd been waiting seven days!

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  • 07/15/16--06:01: SchadenFriday

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  • 07/16/16--05:34: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 07/16/16--07:32: Deja Vu
  • On Tuesday I agreed to meet my friend Melissa down on the waterfront and pretty much re-do the same route with her. I started by her dock instead of where I normally park, but otherwise, I traced almost the exact same route. Which is a good thing, because I realized halfway through the walk that I didn't actually click the button in MapMyRun, and it wasn't being recorded. So I ended copying it on the website. No point in making a map.

    We met at 5am, which is a little earlier than I normally get out, but I woke up at 3am, so it wasn't an issue at all.

    It was definitely a different experience walking with someone and talking the whole time instead of listening to music and playing with Snapchat and taking photos. We also started off a little fast and I had to take a few minutes to let my shins rest once we got to the Northernmost part of our route, but after that, I was fine. I only took four photos the entire walk, which might be a record.


    Here's the building that's been moved, still on its, uh, mover things.


    I found the plaque for that sculpture and I guess it's supposed to represent a wave.


    And I got yet another entry for the contest.

    The #portofeverett has an @officialhoneybucket everywhere you look. #honeybucketselfie

    Our walk took us by Moontree Asian Tapas and I ended up going back for lunch later.

    Lunch view

    Clockwise from top: tuna carpaccio, shishito peppers, and burnt tomato salad. Fantastic. Not cheap.

    Tuna carpaccio, shishito peppers, burnt onion salad

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  • 07/17/16--16:27: New frontiers
  • I didn't get out of bed immediately when my alarm went off, and regret it a bit, as I only saw the best of the sunrise from the car.

    Which isn't to say that it wasn't nice out.


    They're doing some construction on the trail there, thankfully it's only closed for the project on weekdays. And they've got a Honey Bucket! Two more entries for the contest.


    They're raising the height of the dikes that keep rising floodwaters at bay. Not sure how they're doing that or where they are, but it looks like they're moving the trail a little bit away from the water.


    I have no idea what these are, but I saw a ton today.


    The reason I saw so many was that I went somewhere completely new. The loop trail on the island was pretty overgrown, so to make up the mileage, I headed as far North as I could along the river.


    The views were really cool. I've never been able to see this bridge from the side.


    Had a fun time stalking birds. Especially this guy.


    I decided on Thursday that I should probably quit using my current pair of shoes, but forgot. They went in the garbage after today's walk. I checked my records and have gotten 463 miles out of them, which is pretty good.


    Today&quot;s awesome walk, 6.5 miles in 2:25, 15,164 steps
    6.5 miles in 2:25, 15,164 steps

    Wasn't necessarily planning on going so far, but I didn't want to turn back until I'd seen the whole thing, and then had to get back to my car. It was fun, though.

    After I got home, I added a new item to my shop. These hanging wall vases are six inches tall, and the plants stick out about that much more. They even ship with a Command hook so there's no need to use a nail.


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  • 07/18/16--19:30: Get out while you can
  • Nothing really remarkable about my swim, other than the fact that Zoey was once again hanging around out front when I got there.


    I saw a lull in the back-and-forth with what I'm doing at work and decided to get out and see Ghostbusters.

    It was really great. And I recommend seeing it in 3D, as they did something I've never seen before with it. It's not a spoiler at all, so I don't feel bad for mentioning it, but they had a black band at the top and bottom of the screen acting as an artificial edge of the screen, and a lot of the 3D effects crossed over it. Really cool idea. Everyone was great in it and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

    I noticed on the way into the mall that the zipline has a Honey Bucket, so that was two more entries for the contest.


    I made a couple of mistakes after the movie. I didn't hit the restroom on the way out, and I took the freeway without checking traffic. Made for a long trip home.

    The rain was really great. It smelled amazing as I left the theater and made for an interesting video. Though I do see that I should probably squeegee a bit to clear up the area in the bottom of the phone's field of vision.

    It occurred to me that I don't post much food stuff here. Tonight's dinner was peppercorn garlic pork loin, roasted tiny potatoes, and creamed spinach. I added rosemary from our indoor garden to the potatoes, but not nearly enough based on the taste. It was a tedious meal to make because I forgot to set a timer for the meat, so I ended up checking it a lot, and got overheated in the process.

    I made dinner

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  • 07/20/16--04:53: Nu Shooz
  • Melissa asked if she could join me on my walk Monday, and I explained that currently I swim Monday but I could show her the gulch on Tuesday. I was surprised when I'd said to meet at 5:30 and she suggested 5:15 instead. And I'm glad I woke up at 3:30 so I didn't have to hurry through my first cup of coffee. Getting somewhere exactly on time has never been my strong suit; I'm always early. But I really didn't want to sit around waiting, so I tried to time it perfectly. That led to a minor panic when I got out to the garage and remembered I'd thrown my shoes away.

    I had two more pair waiting in a cabinet, and thankfully they were laced correctly except for the top hole, so it didn't take long to get the on.


    I flew down to the park with a few minutes to spare and waited. And waited. And waited. Once she was 15 minutes late, I called, just in case she slept through her alarm. She answered from her car and was confused as she thought she'd be really early. Turns out that while she asked for 5:15, she put it in her calendar as 5:45. She was ten minutes early for that, so I waited 20. At least I got this unusual view of some of the light of the sunrise shining across to the bottom of the cloud layer.


    As is always the case, stopping for photos and videos and snaps is something I really only do when I'm solo, but I stopped for one shot, for posterity.


    One thing I hadn't thought about before heading out is how weird it would be to walk with someone there. The trails are mostly too narrow to walk two abreast, and it's a bit awkward to lead. Oh well. I also had an exact path in mind, and managed to miss the loop I was trying to find for us, as well as take us quite far down on the Bowling Ball trail before realizing that wasn't it. But it was all the same to her as she hasn't seen any of it before.

    Yesterday&quot;s awesome walk, 5.25 miles in 2:08, 12,941 steps, 612ft gain
    5.25 miles in 2:08, 12,941 steps, 612ft gain

    Updated kitchen air plant view.

    Lots of new stuff here

    Glad I got a video I really liked, as my phone mount on my dashboard broke right after that one. Gotta love Amazon, I was able to just reorder it, and it'll be here Friday.

    The theme of the day was calendar SNAFUs, I guess. I arrived for my deep tissue massage for my sore shoulder, only to find out I'd actually chosen July 26 in their calendar. Thankfully he has an opening on Friday so I don't have to wait a whole week. Got myself a nice bento on the way back home, as well as a sake I've been curious about. I had no idea until she poured it that it's full of blobs of gelatin. Pretty neat.

    Got the date wrong for my deep tissue massage, here&quot;s a bento instead.

    After lunch I jumped back into work for a couple more hours, and even managed to get some photos scanned and prints ordered for my mother-in-law. I also managed to make a pretty good dinner.

    I made dinner

    Korean kalbi beef tacos and steamed pork dumplings. The slaw in the tacos is made from cabbage and carrot shreds, Japanese mayo, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and a bit of sesame oil. The dipping sauce for the dumplings is ponzu, soy sauce, and a bit of garlic. I was going to use ginger in there but there was mold in the jar. :(

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  • 07/20/16--16:01: Halfway there
  • It was sure nice to head to the pool today now that my projects are finished. I had to send out a final set of documentation today, but was hoping for a correction I'd asked for to get processed before I took the screenshot. Since it hadn't come back yet, I headed out to the pool satisfied that I'd reached a great stopping point. Many hours passed before that actually happened, so I ended up getting it done and fixing my screenshot using MSPaint.

    My swim was really nice. I'm working my way backward through the Lip Locked podcast, and today's episode was 384. That was the second to last before she went through a period of guest mixes so she'd have extra time to get into the recording studio to make new music, and it was good to hear her stuff again. No offense intended to the guest who filled in for her, I just like Anna's stuff better. Though it was weird, 384 is one of the few where she speaks just a bit at the beginning and then plays all the way through. Normally she pops in to talk quite a few times, and I like that.

    A trip to WinCo was in order and I went straight there after the pool. Honestly, I could spend hours there taking photos, there's just so much to see and when I get there in the morning, all the shelves are freshly stocked or being stocked. Today I noticed for the first time in a while how many shopping carts they have on the premises.


    The non-grocery section is quite small and has a strange assortment of stuff. Today I saw popsicle molds shaped like corn, plus this thing.

    We&quot;re living in the future now.

    They also had a desktop candy dispenser shaped like a miniature vending machine. Maybe there were other candy dispensers as well, I was in a bit of a hurry.

    Updating to add that I finally managed to get my video filters working on Snapchat again. The best ones (slo-mo, reverse, and fast-forward) had been missing from my options for a while. I removed it and reinstalled it and it's fine now. Honestly, I should have tried that a while ago, but it's been updated constantly over the past week, so I figured that a reinstall would be redundant. After all those years I did tech support and told people to reinstall stuff, and I waited so long to try it. Harumph.

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  • 07/21/16--09:54: Icon origins
  • The fax machine at the auto shop my friend Liz recently bought.


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