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  • 06/02/16--16:35: New listing in the shop
  • I'd keep this one for myself if I worked in an office. Perfect little desktop garden. My desk is quite small and there's no room for such things. And we're mostly out of surfaces around the house to leave things on.


    This is my first item in the shop that features tumbled rocks, which is what I named the shop for. The last time I made some wire wrap jewelry, it was really hard on my hands. I suppose I should learn some hand exercises and make some more, because I really like how that one came out. It was a gift for a friend. I couldn't decide which side should be the front, so I made it reversible!

    First tumbled rock project

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  • 06/03/16--09:56: SchadenFriday

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  • 06/03/16--12:37: Missions accomplished
  • You can tell in the video that my drive to the gulch was a drive away from a neat sunrise. I kept getting glimpses of it in the rear view mirror and was a little bummed I'd be missing it by heading the other way. But I really wanted a hike there, and besides, a dramatic sunrise this time of year is typically followed by an annoyingly sunny morning. The gulch is great because you get to avoid a lot of the sun due to the shape and the tree cover.

    I parked on the street because that water main project is still going, and took a couple of pictures before heading out. The sunrise off in the distance, and its glow on the clouds the other direction.


    Today's mission: hike up to the Western side and have another look at that weird clearing I saw recently. Just to try to figure out what the deal was. So, up the OG trail I went. It always has the best views.


    This little bridge over a spot that's always muddy has never been in great shape, but it wasn't trashed like this. I suspect someone fell through, got frustrated, and stomped all over it.


    I turned toward the middle of the woods a little too early trying to find the clearing, and found myself in what may or may not be a preservation area. There were signs, but they were on the ground, so I couldn't tell if someone knocked them over in that spot or moved them from somewhere else. Off in the distance, I saw a blue tarp, and as I approached, it appeared it was a makeshift tent, and that I'd stumbled upon someone's campsite. So I turned around and snuck away. It was early and I suspect if someone was actually there, they were either sleeping very deeply, or they heard me and were trying to just be as quiet as possible.

    Camping isn't allowed there, but let's be real. If someone's got no place to go, I don't think way off the trail in a place like that is a bad choice for them. As long as they leave people alone and clean up after themselves, and don't plan on making it permanent, what's the harm? If they'd emerged and yelled at me or something, you'd bet I'd call the police and show them where they were. Of course.

    A little further South, I found the clearing, and my answer. What I thought was mowed-down vegetation last time was actually hay from bales.


    And I found the reason for it.


    Guess the hay helps the vegetation gain a foothold? I'm very impressed either way. There's no way to get a vehicle to that area and there's a ton of hay. I'd love to know how they brought it in.


    That morning light made for great pictures! Very happy with those.

    I love the view of the sky from the center trail.


    And I'm happy to report that the creek is finally low enough that I could walk right across at this spot. Normally that branch would just float away.


    I've been wanting to go across there because I spotted an old, overgrown trail on the other side months ago and have wanted to check it out ever since. Today, I was able to for the first time. A new trail for me! It doesn't go very far, and ends at those two old bridges, one of which I fell through when I tried to access the trail from the other end.


    Someone dumped this back by where I parked, which is weird. The bottom of the gulch is quite pristine, it's the top where there's tons of junk and garbage.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.72 miles in 2:07, 11,505 steps, 401ft gain
    3.72 miles in 2:07, 11,505 steps, 401ft gain

    No video for the drive home. I took it, but made a stop at Harborview Park to get another selfie for the Honey Bucket contest. I actually stopped by there the other day for it, but it was gone that day. It's back, though, and when I turned on my camera app to get the photo, it made the dashcam app stop rolling. Which is too bad, because I thought the hyperlapse with the side mission would be cute.


    Hoo boy, my beard looks rough in that. Have you ever seen a portapotty with such a great view? It's no wonder this park is always packed with people sitting in their cars staring off in the distance.

    Harborview Park

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  • 06/04/16--07:51: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 06/05/16--15:59: One more mission down
  • I had to go to the post office yesterday, but for a good reason. To ship an air plant! my_ophelia bought this lovely piece and I wanted it in the mail as soon as possible. I used Etsy's postal option and printed my postage at home, but you can't schedule a same-day pickup after 2am, and the box was too big for our mailbox. Funnily enough, I also mailed wring a single plant, but with postage I generated from the USPS site, since it wasn't a current Etsy order. When you print USPS postage at home, you also have to print a second sheet that they scan and you get to keep. Thankfully you can leave that in your mailbox with the package, and they'll leave it behind, because I didn't want to stand in line at the post office for a scan. I was able to leave the bigger package in the dropoff bin and leave immediately.

    Since I needed to do that anyway, I suggested we go out for breakfast as well, so we ended up at Kate's Greek and American. I've had my eye on this place for a while, and I'm glad we went! I had the gyro scramble, and Garrett took advantage of the "smaller portion" option with the taco scramble, and added a pancake on the side.

    Gyro scramble

    I'm getting more and more into spicy foods as I get older and was happy to discover they make their own habanero sauce. It was very tasty.


    On our way to breakfast, we happened to drive by a nice event we didn't know was happening, the Artists' Garage Sale, and went back when we were done eating. Two whole blocks of lots of neat stuff, but we showed great restraint and didn't buy anything. One guy had cool lawn stakes and if he'd had any small seahorses, I would have gotten one.

    Everett Artists" Garage Sale

    On the way back to the car, we passed through an antique store, and a print caught our eye. We don't have space for it, but it was priced very reasonably, so I went back today to get it for an acquaintance in Portland who has a very awesome art business, Unusual Cards. You'll see if you check out her shop why I thought of her immediately. We're going to Portland in August so I'll deliver it then.


    Changed up the air plant situation in the kitchen a bit. Clear marbles instead of rocks in the one on the left, several new plants in the one on the right.

    Changed things up a bit. #airplant #airplants

    Later in the evening, I thought I saw a strange dark cloud, which was weird because it was such a sunny day. When I went out to take this photo, I could hear sirens.

    Looks and sounds like there"s a fire.

    Turns out there was a very large fire at the North end of town. Here's a photo our friend Barbara took from her house.


    It's in an industrial area at a recycling center and as far as I know, it's still burning as I type this, almost a day later. I originally thought this morning that it might make for an interesting sunrise at my regular Sunday walking spot, which is nearby. But the surprisingly-orderly river of smoke heading away from it was pretty intimidating, so I turned away. Made for a pretty cool video, at least.

    So I turned around and drove to the top of the gulch.

    The extra driving wasn't a total waste, either, thanks to the dashcam I didn't realize there are cool lights on the new Broadway Bridge, and I got a shot of a neon sign I like as well. For comparison's sake, I'm including screenshots from the computer as well as Instagram screenshots from my phone to help me decide if it's even worth it to use the computer.

    Lights on the new Broadway Bridge
    My favorite sign in Everett

    Took a break from the trekking poles today because my shoulder has been sore from a bad night of sleep and they just didn't sound fun. The view of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier) was pretty nice.


    Pretty dull sunrise, though.


    It's dry enough that I was able to go places I've recently complained were too muddy. This is the spot and the end of the service road which was too muddy to use.


    To further take advantage of the dryness, I crossed again where I did on Friday and went up the "Booty scoot" trail for the first time. It earned that name because it's so steep that the only time I ever went down, I had to sit and scoot, and until today, I'd never been up it. I had to crawl up in two spots, and probably won't bother going up more than once a year, but it was fun to finally do it.

    It was a little disappointing to see how much garbage is there, though.


    I'm comfortable assuming it's neighborhood teenagers who leave it there, partially because there are no beer cans there, but also because you can find videos online of teenagers swinging around on this, which is right above there.


    I can't convey in photos just how crazy that swing is, but the hillside is very steep and it's not like it's above a body of water like so many other swings you see. Thankfully I keep a very different schedule from the average teenager.

    The walk today was pretty messy because I chose several paths which are quite overgrown. I even saw several of the weird plants that shoot out a bunch of pollen like a smoke machine. Thank goodness I don't have any allergies. It was a "strip naked in the garage and throw everything in the washer immediately" sort of hike.


    I got another selfie for the contest at the Mukilteo Community Garden. Oh yeah, and two more at the artists' garage sale yesterday.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.82 miles in 1:46, 10,244 steps, 286ft gain
    3.82 miles in 1:46, 10,244 steps, 286ft gain

    Back near the car, there was a slight view of the smoke from the fire, which as I mentioned, is contained very well to a single stream through the sky. No real dispersal at all.


    And finally, I had an excellent steak salad at our neighborhood bar for lunch. Pretty swell weekend.

    Steak salad yesss.

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  • 06/06/16--11:23: SmolderCam
  • Since the fire kept me away from my normal Sunday walk spot, I decided to go this morning. While the situation is pretty well under control, it's still smoldering quite a bit. You can see it when I drive past, as well as when I approach the park since the route to get there is a giant J.

    The smoke is still leaving the building site in a very orderly stream, so I was able to get a lot of pictures without any in them. Lots more over at flickr.


    If you like foxgloves, now's the time to go see them.


    The water level's high enough that the bird watching areas are flooded.


    I love the shadows this bridge casts.


    Neat clouds. I took the second one through my sunglasses to get that rainbow effect.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.73 miles in 1:35, 9,485 steps
    3.73 miles in 1:35, 9,485 steps

    I was able to see the site of the fire on the way back, but the phone isn't mounted at eye level and couldn't see over the rail. The video didn't turn out well because the phone was bouncing a lot, which I didn't realize at the time, so I won't bother sharing it here. Looks like I need to tighten up the mount. But I got a screenshot from the site of the fire.

    Recycling center fire site still smoldering #dashcam

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  • 06/07/16--18:01: Quite a day
  • I got up and dove right into testing our new release. Skipped my swim and worked straight through until lunch time, at which point I drove down to my coworker's house to pick up something she grabbed for me recently at a thrift store, and then to a restaurant not from from there to meet up with a new friend for lunch. It's a hot day here, and the clouds look like sad ghosts to me.

    Lunch was tasty. There were a lot of burgers and sandwiches I wanted to try, but we're having meatloaf again tonight and I figured lunch should be light. I had a salad with roasted beets, citrus, goat cheese, and blackened salmon. Good stuff. My friend ordered the same salad, but with grilled salmon. We had bites of each other's salmon and they were both tasty.

    I rushed back home because I was hoping to hear from our boss about getting together on a call because a test we need to do requires a third person. It could be accomplished via email, but it would take probably 40 emails back and forth with waiting in between, whereas we can do it in an hour or so if we get on a call. It never happened today, so hopefully it'll be tomorrow because our testing window is two days.

    That stop at Dollar Tree on the way home was for a pool noodle of all things. You may recall that my side of the reclining loveseat's handle broke a few months back. It was a huge ordeal where I talked to several people and nothing ever seemed right, and they sent a replacement mechanism that wasn't even needed because it was just the handle. They'd sent me the part for free and charged me for the service call, but the technician couldn't do anything about it. In the end, I got most of my money back, and they never took the mechanism back. I just confirmed by checking the box in the garage, the cable I could use is not part of the mechanism, it's part of the handle that they ultimately weren't able to replace.

    That's too bad, because I'd gotten used to my workaround for it. I cut a hole in the side, fed the cable through, and made a handle for it out of cord. Very goofy, but it worked. So for now, I just want to leave it always extended out. To do that, something needs to block it so I don't accidentally push it all the way in when I get up. My best temporary solution I could come up with yesterday was an empty water bottle, but that makes a lot of noise. I scared myself several times yesterday. Now there's a piece of pool noodle there, and it works great.

    CPAP update:
    Last night was the first night since I started the CPAP, and also the first time in years as far as I can remember that I went the whole night without getting up for a bathroom trip. The snoring made the problem really bad. I snored with my mouth open, which made my mouth dry, so I'd drink water every time I woke up. I've since learned that when you're not getting the deepest sleep, it makes it more likely that you'll need a restroom trip. I woke up a few a couple of times last night, but each time, I laid there and thought, I don't need to go! I've been trying to avoid it because putting the CPAP back on after it's been going for a while is rough, even with the "ramp up" feature it has. The air is warmed and it's one thing to get used to it as it comes up, but another entirely to put it on again after a while.

    As I drifted off into some really seriously detailed and crazy dreams, my body felt amazing. Like the room was flooding but with pure bliss instead of water. What a night. Makes me think it might be worth it to grab a bedside bottle so I never ever have to get out of bed. Gross, I know, but tempting.

    Some recent cat cuteness.


    That last one cracks me up. Steve ends up chasing his tail quite often.

    Oh yeah, new item in the shop! I really like the way air plants look like miniature versions of houseplants sometimes, and decided to find small versions of regular things to put them in. There will be several, but these were the first I jumped on. I'm happy to be able to offer them with suction hooks, magnetic hooks, and 3M Command hooks.


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  • 06/08/16--14:05: Magic moment
  • I was so excited when the contestant I recognized from the Dish Network icon for Card Sharks showed up to play the game. I'd hoped to make a video like this for a long time.

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  • 06/09/16--18:18: Busy beach bum
  • It's been a busy few days and I skipped my swim on Tuesday, but managed to slip away for one yesterday. I got my normal Wednesday beach walk in today instead.


    I also may end up staying in tomorrow as well in order to plow through the documentation portion of my duties. We'll see. I'm glad today was really cloudy and cool, it allowed me to enjoy it a lot and not mind so much that it's been a busy week.

    I have no idea what these are, but I'm very impressed that they can grow so tall.


    A very unimpressive neighbor for the very impressive mural.


    Lovely driftwood roots.


    I never noticed this part of the giant pile of rusty metal. People would pay good money for it as a sculpture.


    I hoped to get to the beach side of the wall for a better view of this sun break, but of course it went away by the time I could get there.




    Today"s awesome walk, 3.92 miles in 1:26, 9,050 steps
    3.92 miles in 1:26, 9,050 steps

    Wasn't originally planning on processing any dashcam videos today, but the clouds were pretty neat on my way home from the walk and again on my way home from WinCo.

    Back at home, Steve was on high alert all morning. At least part of the time, it was because Tito was enjoying himself outside.


    For those who don't know, I collect Zima signs and paraphernalia. I have tons. I only recently saw one of these glasses for the first time and mine arrived today.


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  • 06/10/16--06:01: SchadenFriday

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  • 06/11/16--05:17: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 06/12/16--17:08: Scoutabout
  • It's been such a weird day. I woke up to my alarm and got up about 20 minutes later to head out to Japanese Gulch for a walk, completely unaware of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando. I really don't like to speak out much about tragedies as they happen online and definitely don't like to describe personal connections, but it's hard not to think about the fact that the largest mass shooting in American history is now at a gay club in what's obviously part of a huge backlash against the advancements we've made in the past several years. Coincidentally, the club I went dancing every Friday and Saturday for three years shortly after I turned 21 was also called Pulse, and while I always had such a great time there, it's impossible to forget being relieved that the outdoor patio was surrounded by a very high wall, and always being scared while heading back to the car.

    So I guess I'll always look back at today's walk and be grateful for my trek around my favorite place in the last moments before I heard.

    It's already been a very busy week where I had to skip a couple of workouts, so I just wanted an easy walk in the Western portion of the Gulch. I decided to take the fast way to the parking area by the community garden, and was delighted by the early morning view of the main drag.


    The human brain likes to simplify areas like this, creating a subway map, where even the most detailed map available doesn't show all the trails. I've always pictured--even though I know better--the Western trail system as a big loop with branches leading away from it to the trail entrances. Today was a day where I set out to refresh my mental map up there. I still managed to surprise myself by walking in a circle when I didn't mean to, twice.

    Today"s awesome walk, 3.09 miles in 1:26, 8,332 steps, 200ft gain
    3.09 miles in 1:26, 8,332 steps, 200ft gain

    I don't normally post a map that shows so much territory that I didn't actually walk on, but today I was trying to cover all the outer trails and somehow missed the Northernmost ones.

    Wooden waves


    Fifty Shades of Green


    I noticed by where I parked that the area where Mukilteo Community Garden is was originally called Highland Memorial Park. I'm curious what it used to look like and how it went away.


    I took one of my favorite view streets home, but I don't think the views translate on the dashcam.

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  • 06/12/16--19:13: Regarding that last post
  • A newspaper clipping from 1982. Guess the "memorial" part should have been a clue.

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  • 06/13/16--16:41: A case of the Mondays
  • I wanted to just keep sleeping this morning when my alarm went off, but I had a lot to do for work and it needed to be done this morning. A new feature was added to the tool I support, which added a small change to a lot of screens. I'm in charge of documentation and went through the entire thing, updating every screenshot. Very time consuming. The new release was today, though, and I wanted everything to look nice.

    So I went to the noon swim session for the first time in a while. I'm tired today but the pool felt nice. Lots of people around I didn't recognize since I'm usually there in the morning lately. Plus a few I did. I completed my whole hour and then spent a little time in the sauna and hot tub before heading out.

    Check out this awesome magnet! ltorosf and asphaltwanderer got it for me when they were recently in New Mexico, and they delivered it via notlostonme. If you're wondering why a magnet would happen to have "575" on it, it's because that's the newest area code there. There's only one other, 505. When they unveiled it, quite a few people said I should change my number to a 575 number, but I've had the same cell phone number since I got my first one, and the last four numbers spell FUCK, so I'm not giving it up.

    I can finally unveil a new item in my store that I'm very excited about! I've been waiting until I could give notlostonme hers first before unveiling it.


    I also brought a couple more along as gifts on Saturday for entropic_system and frogger414. His birthday was the day before and she'll be decorating one of her kids' rooms soon.


    I'm also very excited because I ordered some large air plants, and they're here! I'll list at least a couple of them, but for now, they're mostly for me. I happen to have a new shelf to put up in my room and they're probably what'll end up on it.

    The New arrivals. They"re big.

    Sam's doing great, though in this picture it looks like he lost his front legs along with his tail.


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  • 06/14/16--06:41: Icon origins
  • Photo by njbearcub1


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  • 06/14/16--10:03: Side missions
  • Due to work obligations this week, I need to either get out and back really early, or exercise in the afternoon. Yesterday, that meant swimming in the noon session, but that's not an option today because I've got a car appointment at 12:30. Thankfully the sun's coming up so early now, I knew I could go down to the beach and be back at a reasonable time.

    Decided to let the droplets of rain stay on the windshield to see how they made the video look. Neat effect.

    A train showed up right as I got started which was transporting three airplane hulls. Pretty neat!

    But then it just stopped, and I couldn't get to the beach.


    I figured it would be foolish to sit around and wait for it since there was no telling how long it might be, so I decided I'd head up through the gulch's interpretive trail and see what was going on with the water main project. I think it's wrapped up. There's no longer a Honey Bucket here.


    There's still a backhoe or something but that could there for any number of reasons.


    Over in the parking lot, the new concrete patches are no longer surrounded by safety barriers. I think I'll go ahead and start parking there again.


    At least the view on the bridge I had to take to get over the train was nice.


    It started moving again just as I got to the train station. It was cool to get another look at the hulls.


    As usual, there were plenty of lovely things to see.


    I spotted a bunch of these all over down there. Curious what they're for.


    Today"s awesome walk, 3.67 miles in 1:19, 8,417 steps, 191ft gain
    3.67 miles in 1:19, 8,417 steps, 191ft gain

    One cool thing about MapMyRun is that I can review the progress on the map with times included, so even though I didn't make a note of the times, I can tell that the train sat still for 26 minutes. So it's true, my choice to keep moving was a good one.

    Completely unrelated, Monica's doing great and the new, bigger plants are really cool.

    Added some larger ones into the mix. #airplant #airplants

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  • 06/15/16--11:00: A fresh set of eyes
  • I'm pretty good at my job but sometimes when I'm testing, it's just not possible to think of every situation. Today, several days after the fact, I realized there was a loophole I hadn't thought of and I used it to gain access to information I'm not supposed to be able to see. I brought it up with the correct people and it'll either be addressed, or we'll decide that the security level in place is merely there to keep people from seeing people from seeing the information in the regular flow of things, not to stop someone with the exact right credentials who also has the patience to guess their way into it. I'm proud of the work, either way.

    Not a particularly eventful day, though. Had a swim. Discovered one of the rubber tips for my earbuds was missing so I could only listen in one ear. I'd forgotten how noisy the pool really is, even if the people themselves aren't loud. And it's not a big deal, because four spares were included. And the timing was pretty good; I'm working my way through the Lip Locked episodes and the one I played today was a guest mix. I'm not skipping those, but if I can't hear as well one day, it may as well be during a guest mix.

    This afternoon I'll be helping a friend move her computer to her new house, which I'm excited to see. While she was shopping for a new place, I sent her several listings a week to check out, but her agent ended up finding her one that wasn't even on the market. That means there hasn't even been a listing for me to snoop through, so other than some photos she sent over, I haven't seen much. I drove by one time on the way to my walk, and it's a very lovely area.

    Moving a computer, that's a funny thing. It used to be such a chore for me, and I also had to do it for work a lot, but for four years now, I've had nothing but laptops. My desk has a docking station and two monitors, but nothing's very bulky. The only desktop computer I've touched in that four years is the same one I'm moving today, last time I had to help her out with something. Times really change.

    A lot of people prefer tablets for casual browsing, but I'm a laptop guy. You have to hold a tablet up, after all. Laptops stay up on their own. And I can type really, really fast.

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  • 06/16/16--09:11: Recharging
  • The story of today's walk really begins yesterday, when I got home from helping Barbara move her computer to her new house, which, by the way is really neat and perfect for what she wants at this time. Smaller, all on one level, no carpet that I noticed. Her landscaping bill is also about to go from huge to possibly nothing as the front and back yards are small and have artificial grass! It's not a small house by any means, but she downsized quite a bit, and I've gotten a lot of free goodies out of the deal, including this neat shelf and crystal ball/holder.

    Bedroom decor/large air plant inventory management update #airplant #airplants

    I've had it at the house for a couple of weeks but decided it was time to put it up when the order of large air plants came and I didn't really have anywhere to put them. We have a knick knack shelf in the dining room that acts as my emergency backup spot, but I don't like to leave things there very long. I had a little trouble getting the top screw to go all the way into the wall, so when I got home, I unscrewed it and used a drill. What that has to do with today's walk is that I used the socket that my phone charger goes in, and I forgot to put it back.

    I got to the parking area by the dog park, grabbed this photo, but then got a low battery warning when I was recording a Snapchat video of the area.


    That's when I realized my phone hadn't gotten its normal overnight charge. My phone case is able to charge my phone, but I'd used half of that power yesterday, so I switched it on and hoped for the best. I wasn't super worried about my phone dying while recording my workout because my plan for the day was just a basic hike up the center to the end of the access road and back. If my phone died, I could just as easily copy it on the MapMyRun site from another time I've done the same route. And I've done it a lot.

    But I couldn't resist a quick Snapchat joke as I headed out. This ended up becoming the 350th photo in my Japanese Gulch flickr album!


    I used my trekking poles today and while I was checking them before heading out, a runner went by me wearing a huge backpack and headed up the trail. My best guess is that he works at Boeing, made his way up to the recreation center, and had a shower there before taking a shuttle to his final destination. Mainly I think that because there aren't many other places up there to go and jogging is banned on the roads leading into Boeing. Of course I could be completely wrong, but I don't know why a morning runner would need to carry anything other than work clothes and maybe a lunch in a backpack like that.

    Typically I don't think so much about everyone's backstories, but he made me think of my morning walks back when I worked at the office and they were part of my commute. I really enjoyed those times and had to be pretty systematic when it came to what I wore and how I packed everything. Thankfully we had a fantastic cafeteria so I didn't need to bring my lunch, and the locker rooms at work had towel service. My walking outfit was a hoodie covering the t-shirt I wore to work the previous day, cargo shorts with tights underneath, and my walking shoes with two-layer blister prevention socks. In my backpack, I carried a fresh t-shirt, socks, and underwear, and wore them at work with the same cargo shorts I showed up in.

    And just in case I showed up to work soaking wet, I kept a spare pair of shoes and some old shorts in the office. I also learned to keep a big plastic bag in my backpack in case I needed to wrap up my clothes or laptop on a rainy day.

    Today"s awesome walk, 3.53 miles in 1:20, 8,310 steps, 408ft gain
    3.53 miles in 1:20, 8,310 steps, 408ft gain

    It was nice to do this old standby of a route.

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  • 06/16/16--16:17: New item in the shop
  • I found a nice mortar sans pestle a while ago and planned to try to sell it immediately, but found it to be really out of scale with all the plants I had. So I set it aside until today, when I paired it with one of the xerographicas from my recent order. As is often the case, I love the way they look together, but don't really have a spot for them myself, so I'll be happy if I can find a new home for it. Here's the listing, and here's the full shop.


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  • 06/17/16--11:02: SchadenFriday

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