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    The maintenance closure of my swim center is a month away, but I felt like finding my alternate pool right away. Well, that's not entirely true. What I wanted was to visit Japanese Gulch, but after yesterday's crazy rain, I knew that even if I entered from the top and followed the center trail, I wouldn't be able to go very far. Not really worth it.

    I spent some time yesterday researching the options on the flyer the pool attendant gave me yesterday and eliminating options. The high school pools were easy to eliminate; the hours are awful. Lynnwood's got a big swim center, but it's a little farther than I'd like to go. Same goes, doubly so, for Mountlake Terrace. The YMCA in Mukilteo's pretty close, but they only offer lap swimming in the morning, whereas Everett's YMCA has laps in the morning as well as recreation swimming any time.

    So, Everett YMCA made the list of pools to check out, along with the Snohomish Aquatic Center, which susandennis recently raved about. You can sign up for a free day pass at the YMCA, but since I didn't know how long that would take, I set out for Snohomish. The pool's about nine miles away and the drive's pretty pleasant, though it was quite dark on the way out. The rural road that leads out there isn't lit, so it's quite an adventure.

    The facility is stunning.


    I talked to the attendant at the front desk for a minute and she hadn't heard about the upcoming closure at my normal pool. She explained that I could tread water in a lane if I felt like it or try out the recreation area and see what I thought. She mentioned that walking against the current in the river section's an option, but once I was in there and saw how many people were walking with the current, I didn't feel like trying to play chicken with them.

    There's a cool circular section inside one of the loops of the river, which is a figure eight. Inside that circle, the current is basically a whirlpool. I spent quite a bit of time in there trying to swim against the current. It's a lot of work, and you can't do it very long because the curve of the wall makes you turn too much I ended up flipping around. So the routine became swim really hard against the current, allow if to flip me over, float around the circle back to where I started, flip over, and swim against the current again. I also tried walking against the current, which was surprisingly difficult.

    I did all that for half an hour and decided to see if there were any lanes open. There are ten lanes, and by that time, the super serious athletic swimmers had taken off, and five lanes were free. So I grabbed one and decided to give lap swimming a go, and you know what? I didn't hate it! I mostly dogpaddle, so my neck would get pretty tired. I compensated for that by doing backstrokes about a third of the time. Well, not a real backstroke, but the kind of backstroke someone who dogpaddles does; floating on my back, kicking hard, using my hands but certainly not throwing my arms up over my head or anything. Next time, I'll use my goggles and keep my head down in the water more.

    After thirty minutes of laps, I got out and was planning to leave, but I noticed the river was completely empty, so I decided to relax in there for a while. It's a lot warmer than the lap pool, so it felt great. For a while, I curled up into a floating ball facing up and let myself spin around in the circle part. Then I swam with the current in the rest of the river, which was the most fun I had the whole time. It was almost like flying since you don't have to put in very much effort to go quite fast. Unfortunately, the hot tub is currently out of service, so I couldn't try that out just yet.

    The locker room is huge, and nice. My normal pool's locker room is run down, with coin-operated lockers, half of which are broken anyway. I even made myself a safety pin clasp because the safety pins are missing from nearly all of the locker keys. You get to use your own lock at Snohomish, and the lockers are huge, with a shelf and hooks in every single one. And a bench to sit on that runs the length of all the lockers! The shower water at Snohomish is a little too cold, while the drinking fountains are a little too warm, but I can deal.

    Everything at Snohomish is saltwater instead of chlorine, which I really like. And while the showers aren't very warm, there are tons more of them, in private stalls instead of one big group shower. And they have a suit spinner to get the extra water out. It was my first time using one of those.

    I'd be surprised if I end up choosing the YMCA as my substitute pool, even though it's only two miles away. I'm still checking it out sometime early next week, though. When I got home today, I signed up for a day pass today that expires in a week. Snohomish will make an excellent substitute pool, and honestly, I could see myself going there a lot even when my pool's open again. It's just that nice. I see more laps in my future, and I'd much rather do it there instead of in one of the three lanes at my normal pool.

    I think I'll also study up on, you know, actual swimming techniques. My last swimming lesson was 35 years ago and I really can't remember how to do it properly.

    Oh speaking of proper swimming, a new suit I ordered just got here. I switched to a square-cut speedo-style suit a while back, and I'll never go back to trunks for swimming when it's for exercise. Back when I was wearing big baggy trunks and treading water, I'd always end up breaking out. My guess is that the fabric moved around too much, which made the hair move around too much and get irritated. Ever since I switched to something smaller and tighter, I've had no issues. This is the one I'm currently wearing, and I love it, but I also know that swimsuits can die pretty suddenly.

    This new one fits ok but it has no drawstring. That worries me a little, especially with the jets in the river part of the pool, but I'll still try it out. I ordered a third, but it's coming from China and might take a while.

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  • 01/30/16--08:01: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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    This morning I set out to try to see the four parks I posted about. It was a bit of a long drive, but Sunday mornings are by far the best time to head out somewhere a little further than normal. As I entered Lynndale Park into Google Maps, I got a strange warning. "Your destination may be closed when you arrive." I checked Google's listing and it said the park is closed Sundays, but who's ever heard of a park being closed on Sunday? The hours aren't listed on the official site, and while I was almost positive the park would be open, I decided to park at Southwest County Park so I wouldn't have to worry about it either way. Southwest County Park's parking is just a wide spot on the shoulder of the road, so it can't be closed off with a gate.

    Of course, as you approach, that parking area comes and goes rather quickly, and it was quite a distance before I could turn the car around. Southwest County Park's trails are nice, and that's really all there is to the park. Trails and benches.


    When I planned this walk out, I wanted to cover all the trails in the parks today. It became obvious pretty quickly that it would be impossible to do that.


    It's a bit weird to be walking around in the woods and then suddenly find yourself at a big post office.


    I made it to Lynndale Park, and it's quite lovely. I found lots of trails blocked by fallen trees, lots of trails that just sort of disappear, and a bunch that are quite nice.


    It's a really nice park. There's even an amphitheater with seating!


    Tons of lovely trees.


    One of the coolest things I saw today wasn't even in the parks. I love this gigantic rock wall. That's a bus stop on the right, which I included for scale.


    Sierra Park is small and pretty, and I didn't notice while I was walking their small trail that the signs describing the trees all had braille.


    Otherwise, Sierra Park and Seaview Park were pretty typical. Very nice play areas for the kids, baseball fields, tennis courts, that sort of thing. Nice for the neighborhood, not really a destination for people like me. But it was still cool to hit all four parks in one walk.

    Today"s awesome walk, 4.57 miles in 1:28, 9,821 steps, 244ft gain
    4.57 miles in 1:28, 9,821 steps, 244ft gain

    I'm pretty happy with January's workout calendar. The only regular day I missed was New Year's Day, and I made up for it the next day. "Class" means yoga and "Indoor" means swimming, which I'm very glad to be doing more of.


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    Patrons of the Forest Park Swim Center can get a pass to use the pool at the Mukilteo or Everett YMCA for $60 during the six-week period that Forest Park is closed for maintenance. Anyone can get a day pass to check out the Y any time, so I signed up for one and used it today to try out the Y's pool in downtown Everett. It's six lanes across, but with only four lanes roped off and a two-lane-width area set aside for recreational swimming, at all times. The deepest part is in the center, and that's five feet, so it's not ideal for treading water, but it's a better option for that than Snohomish is.

    But I decided to just swim laps for an hour today. It was more enjoyable than Friday's lap swim, because I now have goggles and an iPod shuffle that clips onto them. An hour swimming back and forth would have been pretty dreadful without the iPod, especially since the second lifeguard who was on duty blasted really bad country music over at her chair.

    About 40 minutes in, a woman asked to share my lane. I said that was fine, but we should split it down the center instead of doing circles because I'm really not a fast swimmer. She wasn't either, but I'm still glad we split the lane that way because she took a lot more breaks than I did. With only four lanes, I'm sure it fills completely up pretty often, whereas when I did laps over at Snohomish, we were only using four out of the ten lanes at the most.

    There's a hot tub by the pool, though there's an issue and it wasn't hot today. The locker room's got a steam room and sauna, and unfortunately the steam room is also out of commission. The sauna was nice.

    I really haven't decided if I'll take advantage of the opportunity to use the Y. There are no time restrictions on the pool and it opens at 5am, so it's pretty tempting. And even if I do it and don't really like it, it's only six weeks. We shall see!

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  • 02/02/16--09:26: My mind is probably made up
  • Fridays and Mondays are walking days, but this last Friday and yesterday, I auditioned substitute pools for when my neighborhood swim center is closed for six weeks for maintenance. Friday was the Snohomish Aquatic Center, and yesterday was the Everett YMCA. I really like both of them, and the YMCA is very tempting, but Snohomish will probably win in the end.

    I thought about it while I was treading water in the diving tank at Forest Park this morning. Neither of those pools has a diving tank, so a lot of lap swimming is probably in my future. Snohomish has ten lanes, while the Y only has four, so if I'd like to have a lane to myself, it's much more likely to happen at Snohomish.

    Another good reason to go there is that the $60 special swim pass for the Y is a use-it-or-lose-it situation, whereas I'll pay per swim at Snohomish. I much prefer a situation where the swims I pay for can be used any time, just in case.

    Anyway, I spent an hour in the pool today again, and it was definitely a lot nicer now that I have music. I spent a little time trying to improve my technique while swimming, but I'm not terribly good at drawing an adequate breath from the side the way swimmers do. Practice practice practice.

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    After so much swimming, I was really in the mood for a little time in Japanese Gulch. It's still so dark in the morning, and likely to be quite muddy at the bottom, so I parked at at the business park near Paine Field and headed in. I hadn't really thought about how challenging the very first part would be, though. It's not really a walking path, even though there's plenty of room to walk next to the highway. The issue is that a trench has been eroded and you really have to watch your step, but you can't if it's dark, because there are no streetlights. Compounding the issue are car headlights coming at you constantly. It's worth it, though, once you get to the Gulch's center trail and forget you ever saw any cars in your life.

    I'm sure there are people who hit the trails when it's still dark, but I'm not one of them. The center trail is nice and wide, without any real hazards, so if the sun's not quite up yet, that's where I feel most comfortable.

    There was a lot of mud there today, but I think there's been even more water flowing through there lately, because there are now some streams forming in the trail.


    Bad news for bikers, maybe, but good news for me. Instead of mud all the way across, I'd much rather have to step over a foot-wide stream. It's great. I imagine when they overhaul the area, a lot of drainage issues will be addressed on a larger scale, too.

    I briefly toyed with the idea of hiking up to the Western side and leaving from the Southwesternmost entrance. The BBA trail was really muddy, though, and by the time I got up to Rusty Car, I didn't feel like losing the altitude I'd gained. I also figured there'd be plenty of muddy spots there, too. So I just headed out the way I came.

    Today"s awesome walk, 3.72 miles in 1:14, 8,002 steps, 364ft gain

    It was a nice visit, and I think I'll try starting at the bottom again soon. That's the best way because I like getting the climb done first.

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  • 02/04/16--11:47: Schmupdate
  • Today's the third day that a film crew has been working on our street. They're three houses over from us at a place that's set way back from the street. I emailed a local blogger to tip him off, hoping he'd find out what they're working on, so I wouldn't have to. He said it might be more Twin Peaks filming, but I've heard elsewhere that they're already finished filming in Washington. Hopefully I'll run into someone on the crew and can ask. They park all up and down the street, including the three spaces in front of our house, so it's not too unlikely. In fact, I barely missed a couple of them when I went to the mailbox yesterday.

    I can't remember if I mentioned here that I switched from swimming trunks to square-cut speedos a while back. I'd been thinking about making the switch for a while, and finally bit the bullet when I realized trunks move around too much, which irritates my hair follicles and then makes me break out. It's been pretty great.

    American's aversion to speedos for me baffles me, but I'm glad to see that most of the men who swim for exercise have gotten over it. There's a weird notion that fat men shouldn't wear them, but I don't really understand it. Take an objective look. Does draping a bunch of extra wet fabric over a body make it look smaller? No, it does not. It makes it look bigger. It's actually counterproductive.


    The pair on the left is my first pair of speedos, and I like them a lot. The fit's pretty good, though they could be a little more roomy in front. I've been wearing them every time I swim lately, and now I'm swimming a lot more, and I've worried about them suddenly giving out. So I figured it was time to get some more. The pair on the right is supposedly the same size (Chinese 4XL) but as you can see, they are drastically different. I can't even pull those new ones all the way up. I wear XL in most US stuff and was hoping I could count on Chinese 4XL to be consistently similar, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    This morning I auditioned another new pair.


    These are really, really nice. Slightly looser fit, much roomier in front, and the fabric is quite luxurious. Unfortunately, there's no drawstring. I'm pretty sure they'd be risky to dive in, but I don't dive, so it's not an issue. The sides roll up a bit when I jump in the pool, but that's easily adjusted. They might be an issue with the jets in the river at Snohomish, we'll see.

    Speaking of new things, my new glasses were ready this morning.

    New glasses 👓

    I decided to go with thicker frames this time because my main problem with my last pair was that it was hard to clean them in the center, where the nose pads are mounted. These don't have any pads. I like them so far, but it's going to take some time to get used to glasses which are snug on my head again. These also have a new kind of coating specifically designed for people who use the computer a lot, so maybe I'll have reduced eyestrain with them.

    I also recently realized that I haven't had really good pizza since we moved to Everett, so I think that'll be a new quest for me. Starting with today's lunch.

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  • 02/05/16--09:13: SchadenFriday

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  • 02/06/16--08:09: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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  • 02/06/16--11:14: Sunrises and sorenesses
  • I never got around to posting about yesterday's walk because I was quite productive. Well I don't know if you can call it productivity when you get one task done, but I think it counts if it's a task that takes several hours.

    Our guest room now sleeps two. If Sam decides to share.

    Finally, we've got a futon for the guest room/my office! Up until now, we've just had a cot in there. Thankfully we've only had one guest at a time, so it hasn't been an issue, otherwise I would have had to give up my room. It took me forever to find one I wanted to buy, mainly because it's no longer the '90s and there aren't futon stores everywhere, and what's available is either really cheap or really expensive. I went the cheap route, and this one was $135, shipped. The mattress is more squishy than the "real" futons I've had before, so I'm not positive it'll hold up, but replacing the mattress is easy enough if you have a frame you like. Now I'll be keeping my eye out for cool bedding. Anyway, as you can see, Sam likes the futon. He and Steve both slept there last night. I'm glad they like it, I was certainly in pain from assembling it.

    I wasn't really in the mood for the walk to Howarth Park and back, so when I noticed that I might be able to catch a good sunrise, I decided to head West to the cemetery. That route had been on my mind this week because I've been organizing flickr photos and saw the route from the last time I went there, which was quite a while ago. My timing was perfect.


    To get a little more of a climb and some extra distance, I walked up to the road that goes by Forest Park. This sign always cracks me up when I see it.


    Forest Park is a huge hill, and if you're near this sign, you're at the top of the hill, and you can head to the left, cutting through the grounds at a neighboring behavioral health facility's campus to enter the park by the swim center. If you follow the sign's suggestion, you go all the way down to the bottom of the hill and then have to climb back up into the park. Mean!

    Yesterday"s awesome walk, 4.44 miles in 1:23, 9,543 steps, 379ft gain
    4.44 miles in 1:23, 9,543 steps, 379ft gain

    It's neat to pop over to the cemetery once in a while, but it's not a place I'll go often. I don't like my walking routes to cross major streets much, and definitely don't like all the freeway noise. It's hard to get good views of the sunrise in this neighborhood with all the tall trees, though, so it's good to have a nearby spot with good visibility.

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  • 02/06/16--14:26: Everett walk photo albums
  • I spent the last week or so in my spare time scrolling back through my flickr photos all the way to when we moved up to Everett so I could make albums for the various walk destinations. Wish I would have done it as I went along, but better late than never. Enjoy!

    Silver Lake/Interurban

    Waterfront/Legion Memorial/Grand Avenue

    Big Gulch

    Howarth Park

    Lowell Riverfront Trail

    Edgewater Beach/Mukilteo Beach

    Spencer Island/Langus Riverfront

    Forest Park

    Japanese Gulch

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  • 02/07/16--14:58: Complete the beak
  • After a couple of Sundays spent in Lynnwood and Edmonds, I figured it was time to return to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island. As I've mentioned before, Sunday's my favorite day to go because weekday traffic makes the journey back a little scary; the on-ramp's basically non-existent, as are the gaps between cars. My Sunday alarm's been set for 6:30 the last two weekends, but I moved it to 5:45 to make sure I'd catch the sunrise. Turns out my timing was pretty good!

    Langus Riverfront Park opens at 6am year round, and it's one place I don't worry about at all when it's dark out. It's just too far away and there's no way to get there without a car, so it's usually quite empty.


    I took quite a few more pictures today than I included here. Click the map below and scroll back through the photostream if you want to see them all.

    Today"s awesome walk, 4.53 miles in 1:26, 9,738 steps
    4.53 miles in 1:26, 9,738 steps

    That is one of my favorite destinations even though there's no climbing involved. One drawback is that the water treatment plant there occasionally stinks, and today was one of those days. I think I saw more people there than ever today, too. A guy in rubber boots climbed up onto the trail from the water at one point, some guys drove in while I was on the access road, and a couple of women pulled into the island's parking area, which I noticed for the first time today. I'd seen cars parked there, but I thought it was part of the facility. I still prefer parking over by the river, it's easier to time it from there so that I see the sunrise from the best spots. I might start parking a little further North, though, so I can try to get five miles and 10,000 steps.

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  • 02/07/16--15:53: Japanese Gulch via bike
  • I don't know why it never occurred to me to look for videos about Japanese Gulch on YouTube before. This is a pretty neat find. You get a better idea how huge the place is than I can convey with stills.

    He enters via the center and then stays in the Western portion the rest of the time, as far as I can tell. A few highlights:

    0:51 Rusty Car Trail
    1:46 Huge airplane goes by
    2:58 Mud avoidance side path #1
    3:05 Mud avoidance side path #2

    I wonder if he's one of the three guys I see there a lot. They're usually with a black dog, but I can't remember what breed that dog is.

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  • 02/08/16--11:22: Upgrades
  • I wasn't sure I'd have any sort of workout tomorrow because it was scheduled to be an extremely busy work day. When it comes time to do testing, we're given several days, but are always asked rather quickly in the start of that period if we're done yet. So, if it's possible, I'd just as soon devote a day and try to finish it all. But our demo call today was pushed to tomorrow. I didn't know that until about an hour ago, and I'd already done my Tuesday swim this morning.

    Today was my first swim with my new snorkel. I didn't have a nose plug, so it took quite a while to get used to it. Without a nose plug, the water slowly creeps up my nose. When it's time to blow some bubbles to get it out, I found I couldn't do it too aggressively or just about as much water would pop back up. I also didn't like exhaling through my nose and then trying to inhale through the snorkel. It really worked best if I did all my breathing through my mouth. I went ahead and ordered a mask that covers my eyes and nose and has a sturdier strap than my goggles do, so it should work nicely. I also went ahead and ordered the last two of my favorite swimsuit that were left.

    Today's my second of three research study sessions down in Seattle so I'll leave for that after I eat lunch.

    Part of me wants to grab a nose plug today so I can swim again tomorrow with it since the mask won't arrive until Wednesday. It was hard getting used to the snorkel, but really wonderful once I did, so I'm kind of eager to do it again sooner than Thursday.

    I also had a nice chat in the hot tub with a guy who coincidentally helps maintain the trail I hiked on Martin Luther King day. He had a lot of good suggestions for other hikes, too. I have Presidents' Day off for the first time in years, so that'd be a good way to spend it.

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  • 02/09/16--10:43: Upgrades, pt. 2
  • On my way down to Seattle, I stopped at Big 5 to grab a nose plug, figuring whether or not I like the mask that's arriving tomorrow, it'll still be nice to have the option to plug my nose when using the goggles. I noticed that I still had well over an hour to get to my session, so I drove all the way to Denny via 99. There's a lot of stopping and starting, but I really like seeing everything that's on the main drag in Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, and North Seattle. Strip malls galore with all manner of restaurants and shops.

    I arrived at 1:45 and was out of there by 2:30, and was able to jump on I-5 and get back up to Everett without too much traffic.

    I went back to Snohomish again this morning, nose plug in hand. It's so much easier to use a snorkel when you don't have to regulate what's going on with your nose. I'm a little surprised they don't just include a nose plug with every snorkel. Things were going pretty great, but unfortunately my iPod's battery died after about 20 minutes. I swam another 20 more, then hit the hot tub for a few minutes before heading out. It's actually pretty entertaining to watch people zoom by in the river walk feature while sitting in the hot tub. It's kind of like waiting at an airport gate while people zoom by on moving sidewalks.

    The fog that was everywhere on the way out to Snohomish hadn't gone anywhere in the time I was there.


    I went ahead about bought a ten-pack of swims at Snohomish today. I realized this morning that I should spend more time at Snohomish now before Forest Park closes. Why not enjoy it before I have to share it with other Forest Park users once we're displaced? The ten-pack is $52.50, with is a whopping $2.50 off the regular price of $55 for ten $5.50 swims. But they don't expire and you don't even have to carry a punch card. It's in their system and you just show up.

    Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I might hunker down early and plow through a bunch of work and explore a new place to walk in the afternoon. I took a wrong turn on my way out to Snohomish yesterday, and when I was examining the map to see what I did wrong, I spotted a huge park out there that I'm looking forward to exploring.

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  • 02/10/16--18:17: Lord of the Hills
  • Lord Hill Park is one I noticed on the map when I did a little post mortem after Monday's swim. You see, I thought I knew my way to the Snohomish Aquatic Center well enough to do it without navigation help from my phone, so I didn't use it. At the point in Lowell where you can either finish heading down the hill toward the riverfront trail, or turn and head South, I should have kept going, but turned. It was quite a while before I knew for sure I went the wrong way. Thankfully it's pretty easy to pull off the road, search for the destination, and get audible directions. I really don't know how we managed before.

    I'm glad it happened, though. Lord Hill Park is a neat discovery. Nearly 1,500 acres of trails, just 12 miles from home! After a crazy-busy session of writing tests this morning, I had some lunch and headed out for my first visit.

    One thing that's different about Lord Hill is that several of the trails allow equestrians. I haven't walked in a mixed-use horse-and-people area since Redmond, where my typical route to the office included some horse stomping grounds. There are separate entrances for horses and people, and they make sure you know if only people are allowed.


    I saw five or so of these and couldn't figure out what the deal was. The boardwalks on the right are closed.


    I have two theories. The first is that the ones on the left are replacements, and they decided it'd be cheaper to leave the old ones with signs saying they're closed instead of demolishing and removing them. On the way back out, I finally saw this next to one of them.


    My second theory is that the ones on the right used to be for horses and that horses used to be allowed at the main entrance, and that there used to be a picture of a horse where something's obviously missing.

    This is one of the few parks I've been in around here that's got maps posted. This was handy, even though I eventually realized a lot of stuff is newer than the map is.


    Based on what I read beforehand and what I saw on the map, I decided the West View trail would be a good choice for my first visit. The view I was after, however, is a bit overgrown now.


    Sharing the trail with horses means you have to watch your step.


    Glad I was keeping an eye out as this guy was just chillin' right where I might have stepped right on him. His friends were very noisy all over the trail today.


    To make a long story short, the way back to the car was interesting because I:
    - Was smart and checked Google maps at a fork in the road
    - Was less smart later on and didn't check at a fork, and had to double back
    - Decided one trail would be a good choice for a subsequent visit
    - Ended up unexpectedly returning via that trail from the other side of the hill

    One thing I wasn't expecting to see was a big concrete building and a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Turns out there are some communication towers up there.


    I love trees covered in bright green moss, and this place didn't disappoint.


    Today"s awesome walk, 4.13 miles in 1:39, 8,889 steps, 397ft gain
    4.13 miles in 1:39, 8,889 steps, 397ft gain

    I choose OpenStreet view for this map to show how little of this place I've seen so far. All those blue lines are more trails and they go way off out of the frame. I'm looking forward to going back, but it'll probably be Sundays so I can do longer walks and get a better return on the longer drive time.

    I was smart this time and created a flickr set immediately instead of waiting. I only used about half the pictures I took in this post so there's plenty more to see.

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  • 02/11/16--17:23: Zzzzz
  • Pretty simple, busy day. Got up and worked straight through to noon, which included the longest test case I've written to date. Left at noon to swim. Was originally going to go out to lunch but decided it would be more fun to do that tomorrow when I didn't have any afternoon obligations. Went to the store. Came home and made some lunch, watched episode 2 of The People vs OJ Simpson. Had my conference call. Found out there's a good chance we'll have another call tomorrow afternoon.

    Treading water at the pool today while listening to music, I kept finding myself kinda dancing in the water. Even if it's embarrassing, it makes the time go by faster. And it leads to more structured, intentional movements while treading water.

    I'm glad there's not much to say about today because I'm too sleepy to say much. Zzzz

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  • 02/12/16--07:15: SchadenFriday

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  • 02/13/16--08:09: CATURDAY

  • BONUS Saturdogs

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