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  • 05/10/10--23:05: Twitter Litter
    • 12:14 SeaWC: Hotel Murano is fancy and fun, and you probably won't drop anything in the sinks. #
    • 12:33 Seth Aaron, I love your work and was rooting for you all season, but I just can't take the hair. #
    • 14:06 John McCain In Favor Of Building Wall To Prevent His Remaining Dignity From Entering Country #
    • 16:49 I just freaked our cats out with this site. #
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    This is a new one.

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  • 05/11/10--23:05: Twitter Litter
    • 12:18 The last 20 seconds or so of the new Lindsay Lohan song are really interesting. If you can wait that long. #
    • 12:44 Hey @rupaulsdragrace fans, set your DVR to record "How Clean Is Your House?" and you might see an episode with Tammie Brown eventually. #
    • 12:59 Oh and I also recently spotted Jessica Wild (@jessicawild88) in Pedro #
    • 13:00 Oh! I found the Tammie Brown episode on YouTube. #
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  • 05/12/10--07:08: Another new shirt for wring

  • Another new shirt for wring, originally uploaded by christopher575.

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    "I don't give a shit what happens. I am coming there with a gun. I will shoot anybody that gets in my way. I will watch my baby be born. Then I will shoot my baby, my wife, and then myself. So get ready. I hope you have some guns ready."

    - The dude who caused the Group Health lockdown the other night

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  • 05/12/10--12:14: Twitter can be fun
  • I just learned via chatting with a RuPaul's Drag Race contestant (Mystique) that she'll be performing at a relatively new gay bar in Albuquerque. It happens to be in a space that's attached to the bowling alley where my mom worked when I was a kid. All my early memories are there.

    It's good to hear because that area of town (the North Valley) is really far from the rest of the gay bars there.

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  • 05/12/10--18:47: Garrett made dinner

  • Garrett made dinner, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    And it looks hella good.

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  • 05/12/10--23:05: Twitter Litter
    • 08:02 There is no iTouch! Say "iPod" or "iPod Touch". Don't be colloquiaLAZY. #
    • 14:34 RT @jujuboston: #realityJUJUBEE retweet that please! meeeeow! #
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  • 05/13/10--08:54: GST for the colorblind peeps

  • GST for the colorblind peeps, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    At first I typed "peepas". I think I like that better than "peeps".

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  • 05/13/10--18:51: I made dinner

  • I made dinner, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    This is teriyaki salmon, roasted potatoes with basil, and roasted squash, zucchini, and radishes.

    The salmon wasn't great, and I learned that my roasting technique actually works better with generous amounts of canned parmesan than it does with the amount I felt like grating onto it.

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  • 05/13/10--23:05: Twitter Litter
    • 08:09 Good for you, Lady Sovereign! #
    • 10:33 RT @FEARnet: Straight out of Cannes 2010 - Dario Argento's Dracula 3D Coming Soon! #
    • 12:53 RT @PopJew: Just saw a baby smile and wave to a cop. Stupid baby! #
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  • 05/14/10--09:46: Article 12

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  • 05/14/10--12:56: FYI
  • Tomorrow's Caturday post will be EPIC.  

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  • 05/14/10--21:02: Ozay

  • Ozay, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    Sarah Silverman rules.

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  • 05/14/10--23:05: Twitter Litter
    • 07:31 Melrose Market has a nice new website. Not sure why Still Liquor isn't listed. #
    • 15:39 "Don't Cry Out Loud" (Peter Allen's version) playing on my iPod right now. That's...pretty gay. #
    • 21:06 They left the voting for New Now Next open way too long. Snookie is Old Then Past already. #realityJUJUBEE #
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  • 05/15/10--08:41: Caturday

  • (check out more where the one above came from here.)

    BONUS Saturdog:

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  • 05/15/10--09:33: Let's make this happen


    (say it instead of "peeps")

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  • 05/15/10--09:37: Here's something fun

  • IMG_1638, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    This is from the wall at Club Silverstone in Tacoma. Click over to flickr, view original size, and scoot around the whole thing. Lots of crazy, fun stuff to be seen.

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  • 05/15/10--10:35: Not a bagel

  • Not a bagel, originally uploaded by christopher575.

    Ham, poached egg, and medium cheddar on a sourdough english muffin.

    It was amazing.

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